11th birthday, 11th Doctor!

As I previously mentioned in my Doctor Who Microfigures post, my primary goal in squeezing through the blind bagged microfigures was to get The Doctor and Amy Pond for my daughter's birthday cake.

Now I freely admit I am no Ace of Cakes, I'm not even a 2 of Spades of Cakes, but I have always enjoyed making themed cakes for my kids.

So armed with strawberry cake mix, white frosting, The Doctor, Amy, a Dalek and a generic Medieval Knight I already possessed (to add time travel relevance,) I whipped together a TARDIS out of frosting, food coloring and graham crackers and viola - the coolest cake an 11 year old girl could ever ask for!

We had a little pizza party before our roller rink party and the girl who brought out our pizza exclaimed 'Is that a Doctor Who cake?!?! WOW!'

But most importantly, my daughter loved it!
After we gobbled up the cake and pizza we went to the roller rink, where I roller skated for the first time in my life. And I didn't fall down at all!


  1. I like the Dalek that you had mentioned before... cool cake... Happy (belated) Birthday... from your "fiend" and faithful follower ... the Doctor