Gobots Bolt :: The OTHER Transforming P-38

'Bolt' is a WW2 era P-38 Lightning, and a damn fine looking one at that. GoBots always seemed to have been designed from the vehicle mode out. The vehicle modes were often pretty accurate appx. 1:64 scale die-cast and plastic representations of their real world counterparts, and GoBots didn't shy away from vehicles from many different eras and walks of life.

GoBot haters tend to give GoBot robot modes a hard time, which I will never understand (G1 Megatron, anyone?) Sure, there were some lemons, but no more or less than in the Transformers line. And in fact there were many really clever transformation designs in the GoBot line. Bolt is one of these.

Bolt transforms easily and turns into a rather solid robot - no small feat for any transforming aircraft toy of the eighties. His change is simple but effective, and he feels like he'd stand up well to play in both modes - hell, he stands up, and that alone is a success (many Transformers and GoBots can't say the same.) In airplane mode he even has little rolling wheels - a level of detail that would be tossed right out today in favor of a cheaper alternative.

I found Bolt at the flea market last weekend and am lucky he is in such great condition. All of his propeller blades are intact and he has minimal chrome wear. His joints are tight and solid, and he still has all his stickers! Not bad for two bucks.

Bolt is a really cool GoBot who is even more impressive in person. Pictures just don't do the engineering and quality of the toy justice. Especially when you consider this guy is close to thirty years old!

Simple yet effective, Bolt is a great 1980s era transforming robot/vehicle in general, let alone a great GoBot.


  1. $2?! Great deal indeed! He's always been on my want list. Your post may have just moved him up a few notches.

  2. I hope you don't think you could post a GoBot review without my showing up! Transformers did it better!! ;)

  3. I had bolt as a child. Bought him at a kbtoys in the local mall. P-38 is my favorite airplane. Would love to find another one like you did. I had the zero also which was also cool.