Lego Fabuland Rufus Rabbit

The first Lego minifigure I ever owned was from the Fabuland themed sets of the late seventies and early eighties. Fabuland was an anthropomorphic animal world with your typical house, storefront and vehicle build sets. I owned Charlie Crow and Elton Elephant, but sadly no longer have them in my possession. I did however find Rufus the Rabbit at the flea market last weekend:

I really loved my Crow and Elephant minifigures as a kid, and am glad to finally have a Fabuland representative in my modern collection.

Fabuland figures work with regular Lego accessories and pieces...

...but are a little larger than standard Lego minfigures. The head is not removable and pivots around on a ball joint neck which is nice for expressive poses. His feet are longer and take up four pegs instead of the standard minifigure's two. The body proportions are quite different too.

Rufus Rabbit was from set 3708 and was released in 1982.

I've wanted to get Charlie Crow and Elton Elephant back into my collection again for a long time, and now that I have Rufus Rabbit I may be motivated to actually look for them!


  1. I have never seen these before Eric and i think they are neat and very interesting reminds me of those wonderful "Funny Animal" comic books.

  2. I did a blog post about this about a month ago. Pretty much the only Legos I had in my life.