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This week's assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers: My Latest Obsession.

A tough question, considering I am obsessed with many things on a pretty consistent basis, and tend to follow obsessions that are decades old. So what would I consider a NEW obsession?

Then it hit me: KRML

I recently discovered the radio station KRML on my hour long commute to work. KRML is a community radio station out of Carmel. Film nuts may even recognize the call letters: KRML was the radio station Clint Eastwood worked at in the movie 'Play Misty for me.'

Anyways, the other day I was listening while driving, and between my commute to and from work I heard three, count 'em...THREE...songs from the Smallville Soundtrack!

Somebody SAAAVE MEEEE! - was, ironically, not one of the song they played.
In addition to listening on my commute, KRML streams from their website, so I can listen at work almost ALL DAY!

Their playlist is incredible. It is as if they went back in time fifteen years and borrowed my CD collection...and THEN went into the future and asked me what I liked in 2014!

Today they played, among other things:

Grant Lee Buffalo
Sneaker Pimps
Black Crowes
Led Zeppelin
Fleetwood Mac
Bob Dylan
The Raconteurs
Social Distortion
Dropkick Murphys
Ray Lamontagne
Of Monsters and Men
Neko Case

They also played songs and artists I haven't heard in decades, yet still knew every word.

Sure, they aren't completely perfect...they did play an REM song once...but all in all I am in absolute love with their daily song selections. And thanks to online streaming...I am now obsessed with KRML.

I'm a big fan of music and good radio, and of course non-corporate radio is always the best (ask me about KPIG someday.) So I am very glad to have discovered a local gem in KRML. Give them a listen yourself if you like good music!

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  1. Cool, I'll have to give it a listen. Is it one of those DJ-less stations? We used to have one in the Boston area called Mike FM. They played an almost random selection of great songs and there were no on-air DJs.