Margot Robbie Cast as Harley Quinn for 2016 Suicide Squad Movie

Australian actress Margot Robbie has been cast to play Harley Quinn in her motion picture debut in the 2016 slated release of Suicide Squad (not from the files of 'Police Squad').

I know nothing of Miss Robbie, but judging by the couple pics I found online of her in 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' perhaps I should.

Now the real mystery awaits: Will we perchance see Miss Margot Robbie in the classic Harley Quinn costume, even if it's just a moment of fan-service? I sure hope so!

I also can't wait to hear how much Margot Robbie sounds like Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn is a unique member of the Batman rogues gallery, having first appeared as an animated character - her voice is as much a part of her iconic image as the red/black motif and whiteface.

Well, Harley Quinn fans, what are your thoughts on this casting news?


  1. I don't know anything about her either but those pictures of her....just wow...woof!

  2. If you haven't seen The Wolf of Wall Street, you need to get on it! You'll learn all kinds of stuff about her. She is awesome and she definitely has my vote as Harley.

  3. Lol. This is what I find in images when you look up "Bionicle 2016 poster. Gg Google, gg