Nun is the Loneliest Number

My recent post about the new Kabuki action figure from Shocker Toys got me thinking about other comic book craziness from the nineties. And in that decade, it didn't get much crazier than Warrior Nun Areala:

Warrior Nun Areala was a comic book about, well, a warrior nun.

There were actually two different action figures made of Sister Shannon Masters. This one is obviously the Anime version.

I originally had the standard, or comic book, version back in the mid nineties. Until my dog chewed it up one day. A couple years later I won a contest on some toy forum and received this Anime Warrior Nun Areala as my prize. I guess God didn't want me to be without.


I admit, I also had a few Warrior Nun Areala comic books...

...I also admit, I probably still have them here somewhere...but I don't recall the relevance of the bejeweled gauntlet. You are more than welcome to read up on her at her Wikipedia entry if you care.

She came with a big old sword too for demon fighting fun.

What's more spectacular than this comic and action figure is that in my search for info for this post I discovered that a cartoon was actually in the works at one time!

I'd watch it.


  1. That intro is quite bad ass. I want to see it right now! As soon as I get netflix...

  2. the toy look very much Jap anime looking. If only the expression of the toy look more serious... The sword and the claw do remind me of the Thundercats. LOL

  3. Ha ha, when I read your Kabuki post this was the first figure I thought of. I have the one with the regular head and cloth habit, I think the bodies are the same. I picked it up because the comic was produced and printed here in SA!

  4. d20 Sapphire - sadly the show was never made - only this small demo/title sequence.

    LEon - yeah the expression is a little too "blow up doll."

    CB - ahh the Texas me strikes again! My cloth habit/regular head one was sadly eaten by my dog. This one sufficiently fills the void though.