Pig Man on Campus


I found the Masters of the Universe Origins Pig-Head at Target today!

Pig-Head was originally a villain in the 80s Sun-Man toyline, which was not a Mattel creation and other than being similarly styled, had nothing to do with MOTU. 

By the time of the Sun-Man line, I had moved on from MOTU and similarly styled toys, so while I may have had some awareness of their existence, they weren't anything I sought out as a kid.

I of course would love to have any of the original Sun-Man figures now, but somehow have never come across any in my decades long toy collecting career. Fortunately the creators of Sun-Man have teamed up with Mattel and they are now part of the MOTU, via these new Origins releases!

I have not seen Sun-Man at retail yet, but will grab him when I do. A few of his teammates are also in the pipeline, but Pig-Head is by far the best of the bunch. The neon colors and odd helmeted boar head, along with his medieval weaponry, really recall the wild west cobbled together feel of the 80s toylines that took their inspiration in equal measure from the likes of Conan, Star Wars, and "what pieces do we have left over in the shop that we can slap together and call a villain?"

Pig-Head is beautiful, surprising addition to the Origins toyline. Who could have ever predicted this collab between He-Man and Sun-Man would happen in the 2020s? 

Now, if I could only find Sun-Man! 


  1. I have never came across these new Sunman figures but I did have a complete origenal Sunman a few years ago.

  2. I've had my share of MOTU inspired also-rans but never any Sun-Man stuff. Glad Origins is giving me the opportunity, these new figures are so much superior to the originals but still look perfectly 80s!

  3. Oh, I thought this was the Gamorrean Guard! :D