Thunder Rosa!

 Thunderrrrrrr Rosaaaaaaa!!!!

I've gotten into Professional Wrestling more in recent years than I have ever been in my entire life. AEW is a big reason, I really enjoy how they put on a show. One of my favorite wrestlers today is Thunder Rosa, and I'm happy to have found her debut (as far as I know) action figure at Target the other day!

I haven't opened this one yet but I intent to. The sculpt and face paint look incredible!

Ok, you may have noticed that I've been away from this blog for years. Or you didn't/don't care. Cool either way. But the internet, and how we interact with it, has changed in many ways since I started this blog, and while some of those changes have been flashy and fun for a while, most have been at best antithetical to the reason(s) I started doing this blog in the first place, and at worst completely lacking in any soul or emotional value whatsoever.

Since moving away from blogger, I've lost a lot of the comraderie and brotherhood that came from this format. Not that returning to this format now will ever bring back the glory days of old, but it's not going to be found on Instagram either, so what the heck. Might as well put my effort over here for a minute or two again, and if nothing else, someone might be able to use a search engine and actually find some real heartfelt toy loving content for a change.
















  1. I thought I was seeing things! Glad to see you back.

  2. First Brother Midnight, now Bubbashelby! All we need is John Gaither and Reis to come back and open up the floodgatesšŸ˜œNice to see the veterans coming back. Looking forward to future contentšŸ˜‰