Hero World Robin The Boy Wonder

I didn't even know this figure existed before finding him today - the DC Super Friends Hero World Robin by Fisher-Price:

This Tim Drake Robin came out in 2012, at about the same time as the hard to find Hero World Hawkman and Flash - right at the end of the standard Hero World line, before it changed from standard action figures over to the electronic Comm-Tech versions (that didn't appear to do all that well at retail.)

The strange thing is, I knew there had been a Hawkman and a Flash and an Aquaman and a Cyborg, but I had no idea there was a Robin! To paraphrase The Joker: 'Why didn't anyone tell me they had one of these...things!'

These Hero World figures have been fading out of retail for a while now - I found this one at Big Lots, who appear to have picked up the last of them from retail establishments who have now phased them out completely. I also saw Flash and Hawkman but (as I have mentioned before) I am not collecting this line (at least I thought I wasn't!) so I left them behind.

I still don't even have a Hero World Batman, for heaven's sake! But I do now have Dex-Starr, The Joker, The Bat-Copter, and now Robin. So it's now officially a 'collection' whether I like it or not.

Robin is a beautiful figure. He comes with a bo staff and his wrist rotates 360 degrees so he can spin it around helicopter style!

And unlike his Imaginext counterpart, Hero World Robin has a cape! A cloth one to boot. And it has a nifty split at the bottom - that's some cool attention to detail; they could have just as easily went with a flat bottom to the cape and no one would have really cared. But to quote Luke Skywalker: 'I care.'

Hero World Robin's sculpt and costume design are just awesome - lots of armored details and the areas of silver really make his gloves and boots pop!

Robin of course comes with a massive lame accessory, but I won't complain because Fisher-Price included the perfect and simple bo staff too.

The massive accessory will just sit in a drawer here, but it does shoot a couple discs (and shoots them well) in addition to clipping to Robin's back into a couple relatively unobtrusive holes WITHOUT making him topple over! I don't like the accessory, but I applaud the engineering of the whole package.

I love this Robin, and am glad to not have known about him before finding him because I might have gone crazy looking for him! And at only $8 at Big Lots grabbing him was a no-brainer.

Now, go crazy looking for him yourself!


  1. Cool. Went to Big Lots looking for MOTUC today and there was a bunch of these on the pegs along with TF Prime figs.

    1. I was there looking for MOTUC too, but left with this instead, and I have no regrets!

  2. Now we just need to get you a Batman one Eric.

    1. I'm sure one will pop up at a garage sale or the flea market soon enough!

  3. Replies
    1. I knew you'd like this one, Colin! LMK if you have trouble finding one of your own, maybe I can help you out!

  4. Cool Robin!
    We own only two Batman from that series.
    They are near to impossible to find here.