Harley Qwednesday :: Harley Beyond

With all the recent DC Animated direct to DVD, more mature animated films being huge hits these days, it's hard to imagine there was a time that an American animated feature couldn't cross certain lines, but that was the case a mere ten years ago with Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. It was originally edited to for content (due in large part to its release coming shortly after the Columbine shootings) and at first only the original script revealed it's edgier aspects. It was later released on DVD 'un-cut' and so if you haven't seen it at all, I suggest you go for the un-cut version. Also, if you haven't seen it Beware: Here There Be Spoilers!

But we aren't here to talk about Batman, it's Harley Qwednesday sillies, so this post is about Harley Quinn! And her spawn. Read on:

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, a direct to DVD standalone movie, first introduced a couple of Quinnesque twins known (both singularly and collectively) as 'Dee Dee.' The story goes on, and Harley appears in a flashback sequence where she apparently dies (of course no body is found) in a battle with Batgirl.

Blah blah blah lotsa story about non-Harley-individuals ensues.

Then at the end it is revealed that the Dee Dees' grandmother is Harley Quinn! She survived, and went on to breed as well! Which raises a whole lot more questions than it answers about Harley Quinn's future, but is awesome nonetheless.

I wish that someone would make Dee Dee action figures. Hell, I'd even buy a pair of Dee Dee dollies!

Batman Beyond was a great series. It was a fun, alternative and unique take on the Batman mythos that has, since it's original television airing (1999-2002) become an actual part of Batman canon (much like Harley Quinn herself) - integrating itself first into JLU animated continuity and more recently into the comic book world of Batman after the DC Universe was again split back into the multiverse over the past couple years. If you haven't seen it or Return of the Joker (or haven't seen them in a while,) I suggest you check them out!

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  1. Awesome! Loved the Dee Dees from Batman Beyond.

    Oh, and here are couple of Dee Dee Dolls for you.


  2. Heya! It's Clowny Princess here! XD
    Didja know that Harley was supposed to die in that scene but Paul Dini snuck in that little scene at the end and Bruce Timm let it go past?

    My theory is she was preggers before she went off the cliff face. There's too much of the Joker in those Dee Dees!

  3. Nice Dee Dees, Tim - thanks for the link!

    And thanks for the info CP! I did not know that about the death of Harley. I also like your theory - but do you suppose she had a son or a daughter?