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Lego Batman 2 Gamestop Exclusive Lex Luthor Minifigure

I have yet to mention Lego Batman 2 on my blog, but I love the game! My wife reserved my copy from Gamestop, which meant I also got this exclusive Lego Lex Luthor in power armor minifigure:

Lex comes with his Super Powers era power suit instead of the suit and tie of his most recent Lego incarnation.
He also comes with the Kryptonite powered gun he wields in the game.

I added the clear blue studs to his jetpack to make like he's hovering. He also came with those three black bricks to emulate the black brick destruction of his Kryptonite gun...or something. Whatever, it makes a good stand for him to hover above.

It's true what they say: 'Lex sells.'

This is an excellent Lex Luthor Lego and I am super-grateful to my Mrs for reserving the game for me like she did and (unknowingly on her part) guaranteeing the addition of this guy into my Lego supervillain roster. All without me even having to ask!


Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes

Man oh man I am going to play the living $#!t outta this! Lego Batman 2 : DC Superheroes! when it comes out this summer!