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Monster Fighters Hearse

Man, it has been a BUSY holiday season! I haven't even posted a single birthday present I received this year, and my birthday was way back in mid November! It's of course my own fault, being so easily distracted by the toys that are right in front of me at any given time, I can't be expected to step over those to photograph a toy that's way over there in another room! Add to that my intern's penchant for making everything about fifty times more work than it needs to be and...well...let's just say I have my hands full.

Back on topic - one thing I did get for my birthday is the Lego 9464 Monster Fighters Vampyre Hearse:

I love station wagons and hearses, so this thing is right up my alley. A Hot-Rod hearse driven by a zombie!

The hearse is great - lots of cute details like the side-pipes and torch/rear-view mirrors. And fangs!

The hearse comes with a zombie driver, the main man vampire himself (they don't call him Dracula for legal reasons but...he's Dracula!) and a Monster Fighter dude on a motorcycle. The Monster Fighter dude is interesting, I suppose there's a little steam-punk influence in these sets, as he has a robotic leg (which I didn't take a pic bad.)

The vehicle also has an 'action feature' - flip a lever on the side and a coffin pops up through the roof - set it up just right and you can make Dracula fling across the table. Good times.

This Lego Hearse was a must have for me. The Hot-Rod elements are great and the vehicle itself is all sorts of cool cartoony fun. And thanks to my older sister and my birthday, I now have it! Yay for birthdays! (The jury is still out on older sisters ;)  )


Donatello Dracula ::Countdown to Halloween 2012

"I vant to suuuck your pepperoooooniiii...wait, that didn't come out right..."

Donatello Dracula. Okay, unlike yesterday's Wolfman Leonardo, this one is a bit of a stretch. Still, I suppose Donatello could have been bitten by a vampire and turned into one himself, right?

Although I doubt, if he had, he would have dressed himself up so silly. Hey, at least he doesn't sparkle.

Donatello Dracula came with a vampire amulet (for you to wear!) a pet bat that hangs out on his wrist, a wooden stake and a staff with bat blades on the ends. His fangs, nails, eyes and white shirt glow.

Where's Buffy when you need her?


Upcoming Lego Themes!

I've already reported about the upcoming Lord of the Rings themed Lego sets, and we all know about the Avengers themed sets due for release this summer (when the big blockbuster hits I assume,) but I was quite pleasantly surprised to learn about Universal Monsters themed sets coming soon!

EDIT: Actually, it appears these will be part of a new series called 'Monster Fighters,' and sound like they will be a Monster themed Ninjago-esque series. Cool!

And here's your first look at the Fellowship of the Ring. These look like so much fun!

Finally here's The Incredible Hulk and Captain America from the Avengers releases coming this year. The thought of Marvel vs. DC battles that can be created and waged in Lego form has me all giddy!

Info from London's Toy Fair 2012 via That Figures via