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Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures

A few years ago I spotted a Craigslist ad selling original Star Wars and Ninja Turtles action figures. This was before my interest in Ninja Turtles, so I went thinking I would buy some of the Star Wars action figures.

When I went to the lady's house she had a bunch of her son's old toys laid out for sale. I pretty much ignored the Star Wars figures and was drawn to these four fellows and I think a couple more early TMNT figures. I even picked up the Turtle Van, but it wasn't in the best of condition so I have since moved it out of my collection.

But these guys are in excellent condition. They are missing their weapons, and Raphael's belt isn't perfect, but someday I'll be able to replace those issues.

The best part is that all these guys are the soft-head versions of the Ninja Turtles. I didn't know it at the time but the soft head versions of the TMNT figures are the first release versions.

It's near impossible to imagine that there was a time when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a gamble, but that was the case when Playmates released the first series of action figures they were just that.

So to cut costs and potential loss, Playmates released the Turtles and other wave one figures with soft rubber heads.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a huge hit (no surprise there, right?) so later releases of the first few figures were made with solid plastic heads.

I have a soft headed Bebop and Rocksteady too (which may have come from this same Craigslist purchase) and I believe Shredder, Footsoldier and Splinter also each came with soft rubber heads. I'm not sure if April did too or if she didn't appear until wave two.

Other than the initials on their belts and the colored masks/pads, these first few ninja turtles are actually far more influenced by the original comic artwork than their later cartoon designs.

They are also just wonderful classic, basic action figures.

I'm glad I ignored the Star Wars stuff and instead bought up these guys!


TMNT Shadow Leonardo Bootleg LEGO Minifigure

This is the bootleg version of a LEGO Shadow Leonardo minifigure that was a comic con exclusive a few years back.

The official version is way out of my (and probably your) price range, but the Chinese LEGO bootleggers have come through for you (and me) and this guy is super cheap on eBay right now.

He comes with two bootleg LEGO katana and a bootleg LEGO shadow skateboard too!

To get him, I had to buy a lot of bootleg TMNT minifigures:

The whole lot was dirt cheap, but beyond Shadow Leonardo kind of...meh.

Other than Shadow Leo, the rest of the turtles are lame variant versions of relatively easy to get ninja turtle minifigures; divers and stealth turtles. Nothing to write home (or an entire blog post) about.

The Kraang robot and Shredder are nice to have though. And they ALL come with skateboards - that's pretty radical! Shredder is supposed to come with two claws, but one was malformed junk - the first issue I have yet had with my limited Chinese LEGO bootleg experiences.

Fun stuff I suppose, and totally worth it just to have Shadow Leo (and a pile of random minifigures) for incredibly cheap!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I've yet to give proper thanks where it's due to those who helped me put together the whole Playmates Nickelodeon team...

The only one I purchased on my own is Raphael - I received Mikey and Don from Shawn of Branded in the 80s as part of the Halloween exchange, and I received Leo from my Secret Santa as part of the Christmas toy bloggers exchange (and I don't know whom that was to thank specifically!)

Thanks guys!

These Turtles are of course excellent toys for both die-hard collectors and kids alike. But you've all read reviews of them a million times by now I'm sure, so here are some more pretty pictures.

I gave Don a staff from one of the original series action figures since his current one is a bit on the short side.


Michaelangelo! (or is it Michelangelo now?)

And of course my personal favorite, Raphael.

I'm glad I have all four brothers, and thanks again to you two out there who helped me get the 'band' together. Toy bloggers rock!


Toddler TMNT :: Reunited, and it feels so good!

After posting about my Toddler Turtles Three last month, the more I looked at the three brothers together the more I lamented the lack of Michaelangelo in their brotherhood.

So I started eyeballing eBay and found one for a good price and voila! Here he is along with his brothers - together again!

I still need Raph's training Sai and Leo's training Katana for the set to be truly complete, but having the four Toddler Mutant Ninjas-in-training Turtles together again reminds me of why I bought this set in the first place. Such a cute grouping of little turtle pals; I just want to hug them all!

Ironically, I first bought this set when my oldest daughter was a toddler, and now my youngest is a toddler, so I suppose the concept of these guys wreaking havoc all over the place feels fondly familiar, since toddlers tend to be little forces of destructive nature regardless of if they wield padded ninja training weapons or not!


Random Toy Pic :: The Search for Toddler Mikey

Back in March of 2009 - almost four whole years ago - I posted about my lone Toddler Raphael. At the time Raph was the only surviving member of my original Toddler Turtles set which I had purchased at retail back in 2004. My kids at the time played with all of them and all turtles and weapons were lost in a move or elsewhere; all except Toddler Raph, whom I rescued before he too was lost forever.

Over the last four years, as my TMNT fandom has grown ever greater, I have slowly (and inexpensively) been 'getting the band back together.' Basically, if I saw them at the flea market in good condition and cheap, I bought them!

I've seen all the Toddlers turn up at the flea market at least once each. I even had two Raphs for a while (but just mailed the extra off to another huge Raph fan!) Sadly, more often than I'd prefer, they are pretty roughed up and not worth owning, even for cheap. Usually the paint on their heads is super roughed up, or their shells look like they were dragged behind the van for a few miles. They also never have their weapons.

But patience and perseverance have (almost) paid off. In addition to my original Toddler Raphael, I currently have Toddler Leonardo and Toddler Donatello - as well as Donatello's training Bo Staff and (ironically) Michaelangelo's training Nunchuku which I got from Cool and Collected in a trade.

The weapons aren't as big a deal as the turtles of course - having any of them is nice for sure - but most importantly I need a Toddler Michaelangelo to complete the team and will feel fully accomplished when I find him.

Having all turtles and weapons (without resorting to eBay prices!) would be quite the feat though!

You never know, it just might happen!


Wolfman Leonardo :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

AROOOOOOOOOO! Werewolves of...the New York sewer system!

This is Wolfman Leonardo, part of the first TMNT/Universal Monsters Mash-up series (there were two series, for those of you keeping score) that we'll be looking at all this week! I have all of Series one and one from Series two to share with you, five figures in all. SPOOKY!

Wolfman Leo is my second favorite from series one. I like the fact that, as ridiculous as these figures are, this could actually happen - Leonardo could be changed into a werewolf just like anybody else, right? So this figure fits just fine into normal Turtle continuity in my eyes.

I received all these figures in a trade with jboy of Revenge From the Cosmic Ark, and I believe they are all complete. Wolfman Leo comes with some sort of dog headed bone stick (a chew toy maybe?), a bone handled sword, a trap and a gun - I really like the fact that not only do these figures come with themed weapons based on their monsterous appearance, but they also come with weapons to defeat them (one hopes the gun is loaded with silver bullets!)

Another thing that makes these toys tops is that they have glow-in-the-dark paint apps! Wolfturtle has a glow-in-the-dark shirt and claws/teeth/eyes. GROWL, daddy-o!

Tune in for more Universal Monsters/TMNT all this week...unless you are too scared!


Turtle Power!

Another sweet swap meet find was this NECA manufactured Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Released back in 2008, this series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures recreated the original comic book look of the four turtles.

Originally they all had red masks. Actually, they were all in black and white - at least inside the comics - in that case I guess this guy represents one of the early covers.

Unfortunately he is missing all his accessories. The only way I knew he was Leonardo is that his belt has a gap in back to hold his sword sheaths (also missing.)

But he only cost me $2, so I'm fine with the missing accessories. Otherwise Leonardo is in perfect condition and displays quite well.

Here's a nice red masked 'evolution' line-up - an original 1988 soft-headed Raphael, a Raphael from 2003, and NECA's Leo. Too cool!