'Toys I Am Hunting For' Page

Do you have something for trade or sale on my 'wants' list? Hit me up! I can be reached at bubbashelby@gmail.com

I don't have a specific 'Trade' list, but if you see something on my site you want, or have your own needs, let me know and we'll see if we can work something out. I also trade art commissions for toys. You can see examples of my work at http://bubbashelby.deviantart.com/gallery/

Holy Grail(s):
Mattel World's Greatest Monsters Rodan 

Batman themed figures/vehicles

Batman: The Brave and The Bold:
Pop Gun The Joker

Crystar by Remco:
Crystar (complete with helmet, sword and shield)
Warbow (compete with crossbow and arrow sash)

Original TMNT:
Sumo Raphael
Sumo Michaelangelo
Creature from the Black Lagoon Leonardo
Hot Spot

2004 TMNT parts/accessories:
Toddler Leonardo training Katana
Toddler Raphael training Sai

2007 TMNT (cgi movie) parts/accessories:
Casey Jones hockey mask (and other accessories.)

1990 Dick Tracy Movie Toys by Playmates:
Flat Top
The Blank

Reveal the Shield Windcharger

Batman and other DC Superhero/villain themed minifigures

Fi?ures Series 2 Geisha (or just the white head piece) - multiple
Fi?ures Series 5 Archer Girl
Fi?ures Series 6 Secret Agent Man
Fi?ures Series 9 Catwoman
Any figure or head piece with domino mask - multiple
(2) white hats (cap with brim or motoring cap style)
(1) Katana/Samurai sword

Batman Classic (1966 Series):
Batman and Robin


  1. Doctor Who Micro-Figures (50th Anniversary Set) to swap:
    I have #1(William Hartnell), #3 (John Pertwee), 2x#4 (Tom Baker), #6 (Colin Baker) and #10 (Christopher Eccleston)

    I need #5, #7 and #10.

    1. I still haven't picked up any of these, but if I end up getting any extras I'll let you know.

  2. It's cool that you are into Playmobil. I might be able to help with those items. I could probably trade a lot of Playmobil if you have any Superhero Squad, Action League, or Toy Story Buddy figures. I've put together a list (with pictures) of toys I am looking here:

    1. I'll see what I have on your 'wants' list!

    2. Looked at your site - I have that Super Hero Squad Wasp figure if you want to trade