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What an Abomination!

I've posted about my Marvel Legends Abomination action figure before, but he's so cool I decided to take some more shots and post him again! There's just something about old A-Bomb that I love.

I've never been a huge Incredible Hulk fan, or a big Marvel Legends collector, but this guy has always been a favorite of mine. He's just so incredibly cool and resides in my collection still to this day even though so many other Hulk themed toys of mine have moved on to...wait for it...greener pastures.

He's just so massive and imposing and old-school monstery...
he sort of reminds me of a 'roided out Creature from the Black Lagoon!

All in all he's really quite...

'Shut up, human! Kalibak demands to know who this mutant cucumber thinks he is; this is Kalibak territory!'

As you can see, Toy Biz released some pretty massive figures in the Marvel Legends line proper, while DCUC reserved 'big' figures for their C and C pack in components...and yet they were still dwarfed by Marvel Legends!

'Who are you calling a dwarf?!?! Kalibak will put this pickle in his place!'

'Oooh, it is on now, you overgrown gourd!'

Well, what do you think? Who would win in an all out brawl between Abomination and Kalibak?


I have Super Powers...

I recently lucked upon a couple super cool and super cheap DC Super Powers action figures at the flea market - Mantis and Brainiac! I don't generally collect Super Powers figures (I still don't even have a Batman from the line!) but Jack Kirby Fourth World stuff is always epic and of course this is one badass Brainiac design, so how could I resist at fifty cents each?

First up is Brainiac. This robot skeletonesque design has grown into my favorite Brainiac design of all time. I have the DC Superheroes version put out way back when Mattel could only make Superman and Batman heroes and villains. Had we only known what the future held for us!

Like all Super Powers figures, Brainiac has a lame action feature. You squeeze his arms and one leg pops out like he's trying out for the Rockettes or something. I couldn't resist humming the 'Start spreading the news' intro every time I did it. I almost made you fine folks a video of that too. Maybe someday.

Another bonus to this figure is tha vac-metal finish. He's all shiny!

My intern helped set up a meeting between Brainiac and Kalibak...

...but they had nothing in common. Kalibak just steamed up Brainiac's finish with his gruntish breathing until Brainiac simply turned and strutted away to the tune of "Start spreadin' the news!"

Next up...Manta!

This is the re-designed Super Powers version of Manta. Kirby's original version was more of a bug suited guy with a cape tied to his wrists and ankles. This version is more robotic (or is it a full on robot this time?)

Very Stormtrooperish. I like this design because it is more space-suity but also because it's a neat alternative version of a wacky Jack Kirby character from Apokolips, and you can't have too many of those around the house!

I also like the scale of the Super Powers Manta against the scale of my DCUC Kalibak. A couple fun Kirby creations indeed!


Random Christmas Pic (and overdue review!) :: Santa Kalibaklaus

"Merry Christmas, filthy Earth worms!"

One of the few DCUC 'Collect and Connect' figures I was actually able to complete is the second favorite son of Darkseid Kalibak the Cruel! I have been reading Kirby's New Gods lately and my love of all things Kirby has been re-ignited, so I dug out my Kalibak and realized that I have yet to review him on Toyriffic! Crazy but true!

I'm so far away from DC Universe Classics now that I honestly can't remember which wave Kalibak appeared in as the 'Collect and Connect' figure...checking Google...ahh, it appears he was part of wave 6 which included black suit and mullet Superman, Mister Miracle, Hawkman, Killer Moth, and Captain Marvel. That was a nice wave, and explains why I wanted them all to complete Kalibak. But truth be told, I would have completed a whole lot of waves had Mattel had any inkling on how to distribute these things...but I digress. The only other DCUC Collect and Connect figures I was able to complete are Metamorpho and Gorilla Grodd, so owning Kalibak is somewhat of an accomplishment. 

Kalibak is a massive figure and a great likeness of Orion's half-brother. When I dug him out of the box he was stored in I forgot to grab his Beta Club, so I'll have to go back for that soon. In the meantime Kalibak is going to serve as a Santa stand-in at home because he's awesome, as are pretty much all things Kirby.