Secret Wars Triumvirate

When I was a kid I owned three Secret Wars action figures. I definitely wanted more, and remember looking at the cardbacks and Sears catalog for hours thinking how cool the other characters were. Especially Dr. Octopus. I really wanted him but never got him. I know, who ever thought Dr. Octopus was awesome? Probably just me.

Not sure who got me the three I owned, or how or why I even came about them - I don't know if they were Christmas presents or birthday presents or if I picked them out with my allowance or even if I got them all in one shot or if I got them on separate occasions. I just remember playing with them for hours and hours in my backyard and loving them all. The three I owned were the three characters heret: Iron-Man, Dr. Doom and Wolverine.

At the time, my comic book knowledge was rather limited, and my first exposure to each of these guys was through their Secret Wars action figures. I had no idea until many years later, for example, that Wolverine's claws were actually part of his body, I thought they just snapped on like the toy.

I finally have all three band members together again. Sadly I don't have Wolverine's claws or Doom's guns, but I can get over that since I got Wolverine from a thrift store and Doom from the flea market. I did buy Iron-Man a few years ago mint on card off eBay, so I do have his shield with the lenticular cards, but those were never anything I played with as a kid anyways so who really cares about those.

I love having these three together. They really bring me back to my childhood and the good times I had with these guys. If I were a comic book writer I would totally write an epic story that involved these three. And I would insist that the artist give Doom that garter belt!


Power Rangers Game Face!

I've mentioned before that the whole Power Rangers scene completely passed over me. I have never had any interest in it at all, although I respect the concept of Kaiju battles no matter what format they take.

But when I saw this new Power Rangers villain Game Face on the toy aisles I simply could not pass him by. This guy has got to be one of the most ridiculous action figures of all time and I absolutely love him. I don't care a smidge about Power Rangers, or sports for that matter, but somehow when you mash the two together you make something I can't resist. Weird how that works out sometimes.

Game Face was once a simple retail cash register jockey, but then one day a truck hauling toxic waste smashed into the Dick's Sporting Goods where he was working and BLAM! Game Face!*

*Not actually Game Face's bio but probably a better bio than his real bio.

Game Face is a simple action figure with a football helmet torso, a basketball backboard/net/ball head, soccer and volleyball shoulders, a face in the middle of his belly for no known reason (perhaps that's the actual 'game face' from whence his name derived), and other assorted sports equipment making up or simply glued to his body at regular intervals. The paint apps are limited, articulation is a little above 5 POA due to his hips being swivel and his knees bending but as you can imagine that head don't move at all. Parallel parking must be a bitch, good thing it isn't a sport!

"Anyone for tennis?"
I really need the 6" Brave and the Bold Sportsmaster now to complete my team. The mini McD version is all I have at this time, and he's at a terrible disadvantage because none of his companions want to play...wait for it...MINI GOLF! HAW HAW HAW!

Game Face is on store shelves now as part of the Bandai Power Rangers Dino Charge basic line. Get him or be a big old loser!


Random Toy Pic :: Suicide Squad

Just a quick pic of the Squad all together (every Squad member I own in 6" scale that is).

Yeah, I'd totally go see this movie!


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Multiverse Action Figure by Mattel :: Harley Qwednesday

Suicide Squad opens in a little over two weeks, and I have high hopes. Good, bad or indifferent, Suicide Squad will go down in cinematic history for bringing us the first silver screen live action version of Harley Quinn. That alone is reason enough to get me excited and make me want to own this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn action figure from Mattel's Multiverse line.

There's already a surprising amount of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn merchandise, from shirts to POPs to action figures to minifigures to high end collectibles. Hopefully Ms. Robbie delivers and vindicates the amount of money many of you have already shelled out for her likeness! Surprisingly I've only picked up this figure and the bootLEGO (so far.) If the movie delivers I'm sure that will change.

Speaking of likeness, this Multiverse figure isn't perfect. She looks a bit wall-eyed, and this was the best one of the five or so on the shelf. Others looked even worse. Had some of the others been my only choice, I would have passed.

Not sure if the wall-eyed look is universal or if I just found a bad batch.

Another problem with my figure is that her bat is squished and malformed. I was so concerned with getting a version with ok eyes I totally overlooked the bat in the store. So again, not sure if that's a problem across the board or if I just got a wonky bat. It's too bad too, because I got this version (instead of waiting to find the Toys R Us exclusive jacketed Harley Quinn) because if I end up only owning one, I wanted the figure with the bat.

Oh well, maybe it's dented because it bopped so many noggins.

Harley's profile view looks really good.

Her holster is a separate piece, but the gun is not removable.

Harley's shirt has a few 'tears' in it. Obviously this figure represents Harley later in the movie, after she's seen some action. And lost or discarded of her jacket.

I avoided the Multiverse line when it came to Batman v Superman, but that's because there was a more budget conscious $10 line which had the movie moment characters I desired. But I doubt the same approach will be taken with Suicide Squad, so I couldn't pass up on this figure when I found her.

Can't say I'll pick up any more of the Suicide Squad Multiverse line-up (except Katana because my oldest daughter is on a Katana kick lately) but if you pick up all the figures in the line you can build a Killer Croc figure. I won't lose any sleep if I don't complete Killer Croc, honestly I'm pretty sick of the BAF/C&C concept.

Those shoes! I can't believe I was able to get her to stand at all!