Imaginext Blind Bag Series 1 Diver

Thanks to a trade with a fellow Imaginext collector I was able to finally add the Imaginext blind bag series 1 Diver to my collection. The diver comes with a pet Manta Ray and removable helmet.

I needed this diver to compliment the Pirate Dive Suit I recently acquired.

The diver that comes with the dive suit armor is a completely different than the blind bag diver. I like the steam-punk vibe of the armor driver, but I think Imaginext missed an opportunity to include the dive helmet from the blind bagged figure.

Now the dive suit pilot can leave his armor and go exploring!

And he's not the only one...

The helmet doesn't show the Space Ape's face, which gives him a real Robot Monster vibe!

"Hail Hydra!"


Playmobil Catwoman 2.0

Until the official unofficial Playmobil Catwoman comes out in Fi?ures Series 9 I have to be content with my custom Playmobil Catwoman creations. But never content, I had to update my Catwoman from her previous version to this new version upon obtaining a few new pieces I borrowed from the Fi?ures Series 8 burgler.

I changed out her hair with a piece which (along with her legs) came from Aeon Flux. Her torso is from Lara Croft, and her head is the same as the one that came with the burgler (although this one came from a previous release - some sort of space superhero somesuch. I don't remember, but I try to nab domino masked Playmobil headed figures whenever I can for my Harley Quinn customs, which is why I nabbed this one) and I gave her the burgler's jacket and bag of stolen goods/robber tools. I also gave her the lasso from a recent Cowgirl to emulate her whip. Not sure which random figure the arms or gloves come from, but who can keep track anyways?

Although I still haven't solved the riddle of how to give her cat-ears, I haven't really given it much effort either. I'm sure construction paper or something like that would work just fine if I tried. As it stands, she's a solid kitbash custom, and with the addition of the official Catwoman mask when it's released along with Series 9 (painted black of course) she'll be phenomenal!


Imaginext Robin...and friend!

This Imaginext Robin was recently released with the latest incarnation Imaginext Batcave. I already have one Robin with this sculpt, which was released in Tim Drake red and black with the Toys R Us exclusive Robin Mech Suit. This Robin is most likely meant to be Tim Drake too, but since I already have Tim (and Dick as Nightwing) I will consider this Robin to be Jason Todd.

The bat originally came with the Gorilla Mountain jungle set I do believe, but we didn't already have him so I couldn't pass up the chance to add him to my Imaginext Batman stuff.

I'll never shut up about how much I hate the 'no capes' rule Imaginext has for their Robins. But this is a beautiful sculpt. The more traditional colors here don't do it as much justice as the black/red version, but they still look great.

The bat is just plain cute. I love him!

'Cape envy!'

I did mention this was Jason Todd, right?

Joker is wielding a crowbar that came with a Playmobil Fi?ures series 8 burgler. Man I love Playmobil accessories! Jason Todd doesn't agree.


Flea Market Finds

I don't usually go to the flea market on Sundays. I prefer the smaller scale, less pressure Saturday trips. But I found myself completely on my own yesterday and decided 'what the heck.' It was crowded, and vendors tend to be less fond of making deals on Sundays, but it turned out to be totally worth it!

I'm apparently on a roll with the 2007 CGI TMNT animated movie action figures, having found Karai to add to the Casey, April and Foot Ninja from a couple weeks back. Still no sign of the Turtles themselves though! I also found 'Gen' who's action figure is from the 2004 TMNT cartoon, but the character is from the Usagi Yojimbo comics (which I absolutely love!) The figure has a terrible action feature (more on that later) but I have wanted this figure ever since I read Usagi Yojimbo and learned of this figures existence (long after he had been on the toy store shelves.)

I bought the Imaginext parrot and toucan because they were bagged with the Imaginext bat. My intern will have to absorb those into her Imaginext jungle collection (even though she already has them) and the bat will hang out (haha get it?) with the Batman themed Imaginext stuff we have all over the place. I also found one half of the Teen Titans team 'Mas and Menos.' I found Mas. Now I will forever be on the hunt for Menos, but had I passed on Mas I would probably find ten Menoses in the next three days. That's how things go.

Then there's this newer Imaginext Robin. I already have this sculpt which came with his Mech Suit, but their costumes are colored differently, so this one can be Jason Todd. I still hate the fact that he doesn't have a cape, but I do like this sculpt.

Finally, a toddler Donatello staff. I already have one of these (what I need are toddler Leo and toddler Raph's weapons) but you don't see this stuff often so I grabbed it. And then there's Cyborg's robot hand from Teen Titans. This must have been an accessory or perhaps part of a figurine set. Whichever the case, it's pretty awesome.