Teen Titans Wildebeest Action Figure

Wildebeest, from the Bandai Teen Titans action figure line.

This guy is cool in such a ridiculous way. A mutant Gnu - what's not to love? I know nothing about him, but was able to find some wikis about his comicbook versions as well as this Teen Titans cartoon version. I had originally assumed he was a villain, but apparently he was a Teen Titan ally, at least in the cartoon.

Wildebeest is a little roughed up with a couple chipped spots on his paint. No wait: 'Battle scars.'  Aw yeah!

He originally came with a club accessory, but of course mine is missing his weapon.

I recently found this guy at my local thrift store. He only cost fifty cents, so I can handle the battle scars. In fact, this is the second Wildebeest I've found at that thrift store. But the first one I found a couple years ago  was in such terrible filthy gunked-up shape that I had no option but to pass on him. Seriously, he was disgusting. But I always wanted to find him in good shape after that, and it finally happened.


Playmobil Blackbeard's Ghost

This is a pretty light custom. Basically I just gave this ghost pirate a sweet beard to make him into Blackbeard's ghost.

Playmobil makes the wackiest stuff. Get a load of that beard with little bows in it. How cool is that?

As if everything about this guy wasn't cool enough, he also glows in the dark. Aw yeah Playmobil!


Robins of Toyriffic Past :: Robin Week Concludes

All good things must end, including Robin Week. But if you haven't had enough of that red, green and yellow kid's stuff, check out a sampling of  Toyriffic's past Robin posts!

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Three cheers for the original kid sideckick!