Toon Leonardo!

Along with flocked Splinter, last week's flea market trip coughed up a Toon Leo in all his googly eyed action feature goofiness!

Toon Leo is a little rough, but I couldn't pass him up. He was even rougher when I found him - his pupils were nearly completely worn off. Fortunately I'm an ace with a sharpie, so that was an easy fix. Maybe I can find a blue sharpie and fix the wear on his bandanna and pads.

I like the glittery skin on this guy. It adds some nice depth to the figure. His eye-popping action feature is activated via a button on his back. It's just plain silly. It's also completely beyond the scope of the character in any medium; this isn't a Ghostbusters figure fercryinoutloud!


Imaginext Batgirl Coming Soon (FINALLY!)

An Imaginext Batgirl is FINALLY a reality! And it's the most recent (and very popular) Barbara Gordon 'Batgirl of Burnside' version! COOL!
Kmart.com currently has Batgirl listed on their website (but not in stock as of press time). The photo above shows Batgirl with an admittedly derpy looking expression (let's hope she looks a little less fetal-alcohol-syndrome in person but whoamIkidding I'm gonna get her anyways) as well as revealing that Batgirl sports a cloth cape. The CG prototype pics show her with what appears to be a plastic cape. A plastic cape might have been cooler, but at least she has a cape, seeing as it only took Fisher-Price almost a decade to get around to giving one to Robin!

The in package pics also reveal that the bat symbol on the front of Batgirl's Batcycle is a projectile! Awesome!
That's one good looking Imaginext Batcycle. I can see this thing getting a lot of re-colors and re-releases through the next few years, but I will have to have it in it's first release purple when it arrives in stores with Batgirl.
I'm not entirely surprised Imaginext went with the modern 'Batgirl of Burnside' costume, as it is the most up-to-date look for Batgirl. However Fisher-Price did add a lot of detail to the costume when they could have gone a more simple route, and for that I applaud them.

No idea when this will hit retail, but in the past when pics like this have surfaced online, it seems like it's been a good 6 months before they start hitting stores in sizable numbers. You can be sure the second she's available I will be getting her.

Stay tuned, true believers. Same Batgirl time, same Batgirl channel!


The Force is Strong With Playskool

Ever since my oldest daughter saw The Force Awakens she's been a huge Star Wars nut. And I couldn't be prouder! I never thought I'd regret thinning my Star Wars collection down a few years back, but now I really wish I still had all those Force Awakens and prequel action figures for her.

Thank goodness for the Flea Market, where I can still find her all sorts of fun Star Wars goodies from every generation!

This last weekend I scored for her a POTF Hoth Luke, a handful of Playskool Star Wars figures, and a  Sandtrooper from the earlier Super Hero Squad styled Star Wars Playskool line.

I love the little chibi R2-D2, and I'm tempted to keep the general Kenobi figure for myself. But since I've already been giving my daughter all the figures I had from these lines, I probably shouldn't start backpedaling now.


Movie Star Splinter

One of the greatest comic book movies of all time was the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie released in 1990. The budget was a fraction of what even the cheapest action movie costs these days, let alone a summer comic book blockbuster, but it was incredibly true to the (at the time limited and undiluted) source material, well acted, well choreographed, well designed (Jim Henson's Creature Shop's involvement cemented that fact for all time) and In my honest opinion it still holds up to this day in every way.

At the time of the movie's release I was aware of the Turtles from a comic book perspective but did not partake in any other Turtle media. I went to see the movie and absolutely loved it, but beyond comic books I didn't pay much attention to Turtle-Mania until years later. In retrospect I wish I had, having grown since then to greatly appreciate the awesomeness of Playmate's original toyline.

One of the highlights of the original TMNT movie was the full puppet Splinter the Rat. Like Yoda before him, puppet Splinter was able to portray on the silver screen majesty and comedy and pathos in equal measure. He was also a better actor, producing more honest emotion than many real living people in the business. Again, all credit for this fact goes to Jim Henson and crew. Pure, unadulterated geniuses, one and all.

I'm lucky to have an original Splinter action figure from the first wave of TMNT action figures, and while this 1992 'Movie Star Splinter' is a shade of what the actual movie version of Splinter represented, he's still a fun variant I am glad to now add to the handful of Splinter action figures I have amassed to date.

Movie Star Splinter is flocked (ala Mossman or Panthor, for you readers of the MOTU generation,) which is kind of cute and a neat contrast to the rubbery build of the movie Turtles that were also intended to reflect the 'lifelike' movie aesthetic. He also comes with a...wait for it...ratty (haw haw) robe which is held down by a plastic 'rope' belt. Because he is a mutant rat who lives in the sewer, natch! He doesn't shop at Jos. A. Bank fercryinoutloud!

Movie Star Splinter is in pretty good condition considering he was another Flea Market find from the bottom of a random pile of junk. His head sculpt definitely has more personality than his original figure does, and I like the ratty robe. Were I a kid, I would prefer this guy over the original Splinter, but as an adult collector I can appreciate each for their individual strengths.