Master Splinter

I see naked Master Splinters with various levels of wear at the flea market quite often. They vary from decent shape to chew-marked with missing limbs to everywhere in between. I generally pass them over if they're robeless, but found a real nice one the other day at the flea market and since I was already bundling a handful of figures together I decided to add him to the pile.

I was pretty sure I had a spare robe and was 100% sure I had a spare belt from a previous TMNT accessory acquisition, so I figured it was worth a shot to try and get him back to his non-HBO level nudity basics.

Fortunately I did in fact have an original robe, so here he is all dressed and ready to hang out at the Playboy mansion.

I didn't really look Splinter over too closely when I found him, beyond confirming he was in darn good shape. So I was really excited to discover he is the first-release 'soft-head' version! As you probably know, when the original TMNT toyline was first released waaay back in 1988, Playmates had manufactured the first wave of figures with cheaper rubber heads, not knowing if the line would succeed. Once they realized the hit they had on their three fingered hands, they started making the figures' heads out of a more solid plastic.

I already own a Master Splinter, but he's the 25th anniversary re-release, so I am overjoyed to now have a fully clothed original in my collection - and a soft-headed original to boot!


Ghost Rider LEGO minifigure MOC.

I pieced together this MOC Ghost Rider LEGO minifigure from parts and pieces we have lying around.

I'm not sure if there's a way to make the motorcycle tires flamey, but it would be perfect if LEGO made orange tires. All I have is a basic motorcycle for Ghost Rider to ride upon whilst doling out justice.

Penance Stare!

Ghost Rider in: Jurrasic Parking.


Flea Market Finds

Took my intern to the Flea Market yesterday, and even though the pickins were pretty slim (did everyone think it was going to rain or something? Because it didn't!) we came away with some fun stuff for CHEAP!

For five bucks we came away with an original '88 soft-head Splinter (fortunately I have his robe and belt from a previous flea market TMNT accessory haul), a Space Usagi that will be going to a fellow toy blogger in a trade, Masters of the Universe Roboto, Hero World Cyborg, a TOMY wind-up Donald Duck, a traveling Smurf with bindle, a DUPLO goat and an Imaginext ankylosaurus.

A silly assortment of bits and bobs that made for a day full of fun for my intern and I!


Imaginext Series 5 Ghost

At first blush, the Imaginext blind bag series 5 ghost is a little dull. I mean, he's a white sheet. Yipee. He doesn't even come with an additional accessory like most other blind bagged figures. But then you discover his sheet glows in the dark, and that's a handful of points right there because glowing toys are awesome. Also, if you look closely at his 'face' he kind of looks like ghostface from Scream. I'm pretty sure that's intentional, since Fisher-Price could have just as easily left the face flat and lacking in detail.

And then you remove the sheet...

... the ghost is suddenly a ghostly translucent green skeleton and YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS GUY! He's suddenly TWO awesome toys in one! My only gripe is that the sheet doesn't stand on it's own which would have made for a literal double-whammy.

Imaginext has released many skeletons over the years, but this is the first Kryptonite skeleton! he reminds me of Blight from Batman Beyond, and makes an incredibly versatile addition to any Imaginext sub-theme.

Even though the ghost sheet doesn't stand on it's own, it is a solid sculpt and can still pass as a ghostly apparition on it's own. It will also fit over many standard Imaginext figures. So you can consider this figure a 'two-in-one' if you wish, but even if he's just a one-in-one he's awesome and how can you possibly pass him up?

Here are the codes for Series 5, which is most likely a Wal-Mart exclusive wave:

63 - Chinese Warrior
66 - Genie
65 - Fly-Man
68 - Crash Test Dummy
70 - Cyclops
71 - Warrior Queen
74 - Werewolf
75 - Ghost