Bootleg Hulkbuster Armor Iron-Man Mini-Figure

The Chinese LEGO bootleggers have done it again! This time giving us a wholly unique over-sized 'Minifigure' of Tony Stark's Hulkbuster Iron-Man Armor!

Hulkbuster Iron-Man is an 'oversized' minifigure ala the larger Incredible Hulk figure. He is also not necessarily a bootleg, as there is nothing here that copies LEGO besides the aesthetic.

It is amazing enough that these crazy bootleg companies are copying hard to get LEGO minifigures, but the fact that they are creating completely unique characters like Hulkbuster armor Iron-Man (and a large sized Thing from the Fantastic Four) is simply incredible!

Hulkbuster Iron-Man has 'articulation' at the shoulders, elbows and wrists. In LEGO terms that means each arm is in three pieces (plus the 'pin' that holds the arm in the shoulder socket.) The shoulder shields are also separate pieces, making an un-built Hulkbuster Iron-Man come in at a whopping 11 separate pieces.

Since when did bootleggers give so much and ask so little in return?

Hulkbuster Iron-Man fits right in with bootLEGO Hulk.

Both of these figures come from the DeCool company, whihc has thus far put out some good quality bootlegs.

"Hulkbuster SMASH!"

My Hulkbuster does have a scuff on his face, but I can just pretend it's a battle scar. For the unbelievable low price these go for on eBay, as well as the fact that there is no other version of this minifigure from any company anywhere, I can accept some paint smudges!


Bullet Man the Human Bullet minifigure :: Yo Joe!

"I'm #1 with a bullet, I'm a power pack."
Although I have picked up quite a few Kre-O Transformer minifigures aka Kreons (Arcee, Nemesis Prime, Galvatron), I have been able to avoid any of their GI Joe offerings. Mostly because I was never really a GI Joe fan.

But that all changed with this guy!

I spotted these Series 5 GI Joe Kreons at Toys R Us and my eye was immediately drawn to Bullet Man, the Human Bullet. I couldn't believe my eyes - Hasbro made a minifigure of this classic GI Joe superhero action figure dolly! I had to have him!

Now in the past Kre-o have been pretty good about printing codes on their packaging - at least where their Transformers offerings are involved. Making finding the figures you want, while avoiding the dumb ones you don't quite simple.

Well no more, Mr. 'buy only what you want'! All the packages have the exact same number printed on them now! ARGH!

To the squeeze method!

Thankfully Bullet Man has that pointy noggin (a re-used jet nose from the Transformers Kre-ons), so he's relatively easy to find.

I was also trying to find Zaranna, but she eluded me. I imagine she'll be popular, so she may have already been found by someone before I got there. But that idiot passed on Bullet Man, so it's their loss!

Bullet Man comes with a small flat brick and a decal to make like he is holding a MOC action figure of his own self. So meta!

The Human Bullet really appeals to my love of all things 'superhero', as well as my love of classic and nostalgic toys (although I never did own an original Bullet Man myself. I was never into dollies!)

And as if he wasn't fun enough, they added a clear 'jet pack' tube and a string, so you can zip-line Bullet Man into action!

After squeezing every mini-figure on the shelf, it seems these may be two to a shipment. So if you're good at feeling-up, you should find him easily enough.

If you are not good at feeling-up, I suggest you get to practicing!


Bucky O'Hare - Intergalactic Rabbitary, Rabbitary Intergalactic!

A few years ago John of RobotMonsterSpaceSuperHero asked me to keep my eyes peeled during my toy hunts for a Bucky O'Hare action figure so he could add the alien green rabbit to his collection. I knew little about Bucky O'Hare but I knew what he looked like and that I'd probably find him eventually, so I was glad to help, and in short order I found the funny space bunny.

What I didn't know was that after finding a Bucky for John, I would think he looked so cool in person that I would want to find one of my own!

My patience finally paid off last weekend when I spotted Bucky O'Hare once again, and this time he's mine, mine, MINE! ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAHAhahaha...ha...hahaha...ha....ahem.

Amazingly I found Bucky in a basket of other random toys and he was still clutching his blaster. More amazing - I got him for fifty cents!

The muzzle of his blaster is a bit droopy, but I am sure I can fix that issue with some hot and cold water therapy.

Honestly I still know nothing about Bucky O'Hare, except that he was made by Hasbro in 1991. And that he's a Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon type alien rabbit. I believe he had a supporting cartoon, but I don't think I've ever seen it. If he doesn't have a comic book, he should. I may start looking for some supporting characters now, too.

But even if I never find anyone else, I am glad I finally succeeded in tracking Bucky down. He's in scale with TMNT figures, so he'll be slapped right into my collection of mutated animals and human/animal hybrids.

I just hope he and Usagi Yojimbo don't multiply!