Yodas, you seek Yodas!

Well, not anymore!

Two more Yodas for my daughters collection via my recent flea market Star Wars haul! An Episode I and an Episode II Yoda. The first came with an exciting chair to sit in! Sadly (not sadly) unlike the Force, the chair wasn't with Yoda when I found him. Yoda part deux from Episode II originally had a lightsaber and a stand that elevated him and some electrical doohickeys. It would have been nice to have at least found him with his lightsaber but whatyagonnado?

I had both of these guys when they were new, so it's nice to see them again. Attack of the Clones Yoda is a bit cooler, as was his action scenes in that movie, but there's something endearing about static puppet Yoda from The Phantom Menace too. I should have taken a pic with an original Kenner Yoda but I always think of these things after the fact, so you'll just have to settle.


Burger King Universal Monsters 1997

Sometimes a fast food premium or series comes along and it is so awesome it transcends it's meager 'free with food purchase' beginnings and becomes something of a legend amongst collectors. The DC Superhero Looney Tunes, Muppet Babies with ride-ons, transforming fast-foodstuffs, Deiner space aliens, and so many others are true great toys and not simply free trash that shuts the kids up for five seconds and then ends up clogging a landfill or choking a sea turtle.

The Universal Monsters from Burger King are such toys. I have known about these for years due to other collectors talking about how great they are, but honestly I've not experienced these two up close until now, and had not realized before today that they came in coffins/crates with a lever on the side for the monsters to rise from the dead and kill you in your sleep. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

I found Dracula and Wolfman at a garage sale this weekend, and got them for fifty cents each! Complete with their crypts! I actually once had the water squirting Creature from the Black Lagoon but I don't believe I do so anymore. I do have the Frankenstein's Monster hanging around Toyriffic Central, which was given to me by Space Mason of D.I. Treasures, but he doesn't have his 'base' (which was a table with a light in it to light up his translucent noggin) - unfortunately I didn't have him on hand for the photo shoot.

The thing that makes these guys stand the test of time and elicit so much joy and praise from toy fans is that they are as good of a five point of articulation 3 3/4" action figure as you are going to find on any toy store shelf (some might even argue that they are better than many). They are classically designed and well detailed. Dracula's skin even glows in the dark!

Not to mention the coffin. It's gorgeous. I want to be buried in a coffin exactly like this, except it can say BubbaShelby instead of Dracula across the front.

Each figure pops up and the lid flies off or the doors fly open when you turn a lever on the side of the box. The figures are also removable and can pop on and off the base for playtime fun!

Obviously Dracula was, well, obvious...when I found him in his coffin at the garage sale. But I wasn't sure who was hiding in this crate when I found it (I first assumed Frankenstein's Monster. I was wrong.)

Aw yeah Wolfman! My favorite classic Universal Monster! I love this figure and his rickety crate. There's even a little pop-up tab that has a sticker with a glow-in-the-dark moon on it that rises when Wolfman comes out of the crate!

The doors of the crate are a little snug, but I suppose when you have a werewolf in a box you want those doors to hold tight!

I can't believe it took me almost twenty years to find, and find out, how groovy these ghoulies are! I can't wait for Halloween!


What If...Peter Dinklage had become Weapon X?!?!

"It's alright to be little bitty!"

We've had this goofy little Mega Bloks Wolverine around for a while now. I picked him up at the flea market along with a similar Mega Bloks Captain America (no idea where he ended up, perhaps he ran off with Hydra).
"Say 'ello to my little fren'!"
I love this Wolverine despite the odd proportions that make him look even stumpier than, well, Wolverine. I only wish he were representin' his brown costume look, which is my favorite Wolverine costume.

Wolverine is compatible with Duplo sized building blocks. In my experience, Duplo blocks are pretty useless, as you can't really build anything intricate with them. But I'm not their target market.

"Who you callin' shorty, bub?"


You can get anything you want, at Dexter's restaurant

Dexter Jettster's role in The Clone Wars was ridiculous but I liked it in spite of myself. Why in the world would anyone, a Jedi or otherwise, consult with a short-order cook in order to solve a mysterious murder, and how would said chef have all the answers by looking at one random projectile? Oh Star Wars, your ridiculousness knows no bounds.

I have never owned this action figure before, so I have no idea if he came with a gun or a frying pan or a set of falsified 'A' cards in spite of the wamp rat feces found in 'Today's Special'. But I do have plenty of Playmobil stuff around so I may have to give him some cooking pots or utensils to hold on to.

I do like the stained apron details, and the tattooed knuckles too! Dex is just plain silly, and I am glad I found him and will be passing him over to my daughter for her growing Star wars collection.