It looks like A-Bomb went off in here :: a Marvel Universe A-Bomb that is!

During the Red Hulk storyline, otherwise pointless teen sidekick to the Incredible Hulk Rick Jones was transformed into a Hulk/Abomination type character aptly dubbed A-Bomb. Which is a great name for a Gamma-irradiated beast with Abomination like powers. Rick Jones aka A-Bomb, like Abomination, was unable to transform back to his human counterpart but retained all of his original intelligence. Things may have changed since I last read a Hulk comic book, but that's at least how I remember it.

I thought the Red Hulk storyline was fun and of course Ed McGuinness' art is fantastic on these type of steroid infused characters, so after getting the Marvel Universe Abomination I knew I had to have the 50/50 variant A-Bomb figure too!

This Rick Jones aka A-Bomb action figure is officially Marvel Universe Series 23 figure #019. If these are still appearing at a retail location near you, keep your eyes peeled. I found mine at a local comic shop, but the 'must-have' fever has apparently passed for these; I was able to get him for a tiny bit over retail cost, and not the inflated eBay prices I had seen in the recent past.

Patience pays off, ladies and gentleman.

The most recent Marvel Universe Abomination, A-Bomb and Rhino all share the same body. The body was developed for Rhino, so it isn't the most perfect representation of A-Bomb or Abomination, but it works and it is very fun to have these guys in this scale to match wits...I mean 'fists'...with my Marvel Universe Red Hulk.

The head sculpts and the fist sculpts are unique to each Abomination/A-Bomb variant, and each has feet that are different from Rhino's. A-Bomb has the added feature of scalloped/armored wrists which also help him to stand out among his similarly sculpted counterparts.

I'm tempted to get Rhino as well, as he is an excellent looking figure. But my primary goal here was to gather together a handful of Hulk themed beasts for an epic battle to be photographed some time in the future (when I am able to track down my World War Hulk and Hulk Buster Iron-Man in the same scale!)

Until then, enjoy the card art of Abomination and A-Bomb duking it out.


Happy Easter from Every-Bunny at Toyriffic!

Happy Easter from Usagi Yojimbo, Usagi Yojimbo, (Space) Usagi Yojimbo and...Hare Razing Rabbit!


Ace the Bathound from Krypto the Superdog Animated and Fisher-Price

Constant Reader John aka Jboy asked on yesterday's post "Have they made a official Ace figure? I have seen Krypto but I don't remember seeing one of the Bathound."

The answer, John, is 'Yes!' There was one packaged with a Batman Beyond action figure, but that was the Ace of Batman Beyond continuity. There was also one packaged with a Golden Age Batgirl and Batwoman made by DC Direct. Then there was this one from the Krypto the Superdog cartoon. In fact, I believe there were a few versions of Ace the Bathound made back in 2006 for the Krypto the Superdog cartoon. The only one I picked up was this one, which also came with an 'Ace Racer' skate-type vehicle and Bud and Lou, Harley Quinn's Hyenas.

Unfortunately my Bud and Lou have been lost to time as I let my kids play with them back in the day. But I still have Ace and his Ace Racer!

This was the only toy I picked up from the short lived Krypto the Superdog cartoon, but looking back, I wish I had grabbed them all. Or at least a Krypto! But if I recall correctly, the series had lots of cumbersome action features, and this specific set was just the figures, clean and simple. Which is how I like my action figures.

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