Imaginext Man-Bat and New52 Red Robin Coming Soon!

A member of the Facebook group 'Imaginext Generation' (come join the fun!) found the newest Imaginext Bat-Boat on the store shelves the other day, and the back of the packaging has revealed some wonderful upcoming surprises, including Man-Bat and the New52 Teen Titans Red Robin (aka Tim Drake)!

Man-Bat looks awesome. A 'big-fig' like the recent Solomon Grundy, Man-Bat most assuredly comes with a wing-flapping action feature.

Here battling Man-Bat you can (barely) see Robin (or Red Robin) in what appears to be his modern Teen Titans costume, with a glider and...dare I say it...A CAPE! If my interpretation of this itty bitty picture turns out to be correct, Red Robin will actually be the first Imaginext Robin to be wearing a cape. It's about dang time!

Hopefully Red Robin is easy to come by and is released in a single/two pack, and isn't part of that obnoxious new Batcave.

Also shown along with the currently available Hall of Doom is the upcoming Hall of Justice. Both are amazing additions to the Imaginext ranks.
This is the latest Bat-Boat, upon which these new pieces were revealed. It is hitting store shelves now, so if we're lucky all this other wonderful stuff will be out there for the pickin' very soon!


Hot Wheels Batmobiles

I used to be much more into Hot Wheels than I am today. I try to keep that corner of my collection under control these days and greatly limit my purchases, but for around a dollar I can't pass up a Hot Wheel Batmobile that I don't already own.

I can still remember when Hot Wheels first released the '89 Batmobile way back in 2004. I was very into Hot Wheels at that time, and Batmobile merchandise was pretty much sparse to non-existent. So finding a new toy Batmobile - for around a dollar - made me a bit crazy and I vowed to buy every one I saw at retail until I owned one hundred of them.

I've moved about six or seven times since then, and my Hot Wheels and Batmobiles collection remains boxed up to this day, so I honestly cannot tell you if I ever reached that goal. (Although I don't think I ever passed one up at retail, so I nailed that part of my personal goal.) But I can comfortably say that I came close, and with all the variations on that standard black '89 Batmobile made to date, I'd not be surprised if I surpassed it by a comfortable margin.

This '89 Batmobile in chrome with yellow trim is a 2015 release on shelves now. It is part of the HW City sub-theme and is numbered 62/250. I generally don't like Batmobiles that aren't black or blue, but this car does look hot in this muted chrome livery.

This black with red trim '89 Batmobile is also a 2015 HW City sub-theme number 62/250 and on shelves now. I may have one of these already that Jon from Robot Monster Space Superhero sent to me a few months back. But when it comes to one dollar Hot Wheels Batmobiles it is better to err on the side of 'I NEED it' when I see it. The red trim works as something Batman might have actually added to the Batmobile, and the red windshield looks nice and menacing.

When the Brave and the Bold Batmobile was first released in 2010 I also went a little overboard. I didn't aim at owning a hundred of them, but I probably have about ten if not more. The Brave and the Bold is one of my favorite representations of Batman, and the Batmobile design is definitely one of my top ten favorite Batmobiles of all time. This is a 2015 HW City sub-theme release numbered 63/250 and is the first variant of the 2010 cartoon accurate version made (other than cardback and probably wheel variants if any.)

And while the purist in me thinks it looks ridiculous with the eighties-ish blue scallop trim and ugly rims the car itself is incredibly sexy and again - just a dollar - so I bought it. Plus, as is not always the case, this Hot Wheels version is proportionally correct to the cartoon version while most other toy versions of this Batmobile made were not. I think Eaglemoss makes a 1:24 version that's screen accurate, but that's about it. So I love it!

All these Hot Wheels Batmobiles are on store shelves now, so go out there and hope I didn't hit the store before you. Because when it comes to Batmobiles - I'll buy that for a dollar!!!


Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man by Imaginext

Speaking of Plastic Man, I've had this Target Exclusive Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man Imaginext set for some time now and it's about time we looked at them here on the old blog.

It was a hard to find set for a while, but lately they are appearing in greater numbers and I believe they are shipping with the new Solomon Grundy.

I of course picked the set up because of the unexpected inclusion of Plastic Man, but I have to admit that Martian Manhunter is pretty cool, even if it's his 'New 52' costume and not his classic look. Don't get me wrong, I really like Martian Manhunter as a character, but I am just not a fan of his modern look.

"Hey, I want a New 52 cape and hardcore edgy look too! Wait, I'm Plastic Man, I can have whatever look I want!"

Even though under his cape and chestpiece Martian Manhunter is just a plain bald green alien, Fisher-Price gave him an exclusive body sculpt and gave him weird alien ripples as well as cloth wrinkles on his pants. As simple as these figures are, it's neat to see these extra little details!

Plastic Man is unique too, but in a special way. He's made of a more rubbery substance - almost like a bouncy ball - and he is a bit bendy and a little bouncy. Almost like a bendy figure, but he has no internal metal armiture to keep him in place once bent.

His rubbery nature is a neat detail and a fun way to represent Plastic man's powers in Imaginext form.

"Eat your heart out, Stephen Amell! Okay, which way to the TMNT 2 tryouts?"

Plastic Man is a surprising addition to the Imaginext ranks. It isn't like he really has any media representation at the moment. Plus Fisher-Price didn't give him to us in his 'modern' New 52 garb but instead gave us a classic Plastic Man! I'm very pleased about that fact.

Finally, he's so simple yet they actually sculpted the details (limited as they are) of his costume instead of just painting them on. This guy is awesome on every level!

The Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man Imaginext set is only available at Target, so keep your eyes peeled and nab it when you see it.