2014 San Diego Comic Con :: Harley Quinn Cosplay :: Another Great Harley Qwednesday Post!

You knew this was coming!

At SDCC 2014 this year I got as many pictures of Harley Quinn cosplayers as I could, which is surprisingly few - not because there weren't plenty of excellent Harley Quinn cosplayers to be seen, but because the Con was so packed with people, it was often impossible to get to a Harley through the crowds! I didn't even get a picture of a single cosplayer in the classic Harley Quinn costume!

Oh well, I did get photographs of nine great Harley Quinn cosplayers - each with a different and unique take on everyone's favorite moll.

So without further ado - here are my Harley Quinn copslayer photos from San Diego Comic Con 2014!

An incredible Arkham Knight video game Harley Quinn flanked by equally incredible pin-up versions of Catwoman and Harley Quinn! Standing in front of cases full of Batman action figures. If there is a heaven. this is mine.

Arkham City Harley Quinn and her pal Lady Deadpool!

Bombshell Harley Quinn strikes a pose!

This Harley Quinn was promoting the Cinemakeup School. Her scar/makeup was very cool and creepy!

'Harley's Freak Show' Victorian Era Harley Quinn.

Nineteen fifties Harley Quinn being goofy, as all 1950s Harley Quinns should be.

Steampunk Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

And finally a New 52 inspired Harley Quinn being flexible.

Surprisingly, that's all the Harl;ey Quinns I was able to photograph. There were plenty more that I missed. I wish I could have gotten pictures of all of the great Harley Quinns I saw!

P.S. If anyone knows who any of these cosplayers are or if any of them are you and you want credit or a shout-out or a link to wherever, leave a comment and I will edit the post accordingly!


2014 San Diego Comic Con :: Toys!

We don't call this blog 'Toyriffic' because we're into high-dollar sneakers, people!

Around here we love TOYS! And San Diego Comic Con was chock full of reveals and displays and toys toys toys!

Ironically, I came away from the con having only purchased one single O.M.F.G. minifigure for myself. No toys this trip, I focused my own limited purchases on comic books and art. Crazy, I know!

But enough about that - let's look at some toys, shall we?

Mattel had the Yvonne Craig 1966 Batman TV Series Batgirl on display, and in true Mattel fashion it will apparently be available in a 3-pack which includes figures you already own (Batman and the Joker if I recall correctly.) Seriously Mattel? Seriously? To get the most sought after character in all the 66 television show series I have to spend fifty bucks and get figures that Amazon couldn't get rid of at five dollars each just last fall? Sigh. You can tell it's Mattel!

The Yvonne Craig Batgirl action figure looks great though.

A huge display of Batman Automobilia Batmobiles. I love them all!

The Batman Unlimited display. Man-Bat looks awesome (expect him to be available in a twenty pack that includes neon Batman because MATTEL!)

Also Batman with a shark. If not for the '66 tv show that would be the most ridiculous thing ever. 

More Batman Unlimited action figures. Now with transforming vehicles!

DC Multiverse Arkham Knight Harley Quinn action figure. I need this. I do not need to buy a fifty-pack, so HOPEFULLY Mattel releases this as a single figure. I won't hold my breath.

More DC Multiverse action figures. All Arkham video game designs.

Giant Mecha-Batman at the Funko booth!

Fully functional Darth Vader-mobile by Hot Wheels.

Almost life sized '66 Batcycle made entirely out of LEGO bricks. It even had the side-car!

Full sized LEGO Shredder.

Full sized LEGO Spider-Man on a LEGO wall/window.


These things came out of left field and were a complete surprise. Mezco is making 1/12 scale (appx 6") Dark Knight Returns Batman action figures with interchangeable hands/heads etc and cloth costumes. They look GORGEOUS!

I don't know what the price-point on these will be but I need at least one of them!


I don't remember who makes this MASSIVE Batmobile, maybe Sideshow or Hot Toys? Anyways, it was HUGE and did all the things the Batmobile did in the first two movies.

A shitload of Stormtroopers.

Mattel, never one to let a poor online shopping experience stop them, will soon be selling these oversized He-Man action figures. I think it was a couple feet tall, and there was also a Skeletor on display.

Toynami will soon release an updated version of the classic Shogun Warriors Godzilla! This is exciting, but probably also too expensive for my tastes.

Other modern Shogun Warriors were also on display at the Toynami booth.

Well, that's it for the toys I was able to get good photos of. Barely a fraction of all that was there on display at SDCC, but these are the things that really caught my attention.


2014 San Diego Comic Con :: 75 Years of Batman

So it only took me until I'm almost 40, but I finally got to my first San Diego Comic Con! And I gotta tell 'ya, it is everything it is cracked up to be. Fun, amazing, crazy, packed, insane, awesome...but enough about me HAW HAW!

Here I am with my 'Professional' badge because I am a pro, baby! More on the project that got me there in the future; today I am going to show you some pics from the Warner Brothers/DC Comics Batman movie display!

But first - after all these years on this digital playground, I finally met Dork Hordak himself, Reis! Meeting Reis in person was definitely one of the Con highlights! And I have to say, he's taller in person than he looks online.

Now on to the Bat-stuff!

Yes sir, that is the one and (probably not) only Ben Affleck Bat Cowl!

The thing looks great. The tiny ears are a nice change of pace, and it has a leathery texture, unlike all the shiny rubber cowls of movies past.

Upon entering the convention center, I made a B-Line straight for the Batman display, and I wasn't dissapointed  to find this beauty rotating around in a glass case.

Also on display were masks from movies past, including Bane's re-breather or whatever this mask did for him besides mess up his voice.

Cowls cowls and more cowls!

Here's the statue of Batman from the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

Anne Hathaway's Catwoman goggles. It's a testament to Nolan's 'realism' that these things did not look fake up close. They look like they could actually function, and not like a simple prop.

A couple of Michelle Pfieffer's Catwoman masks, the Riddler's...whatever...and Penguin's mayoral campaign button.
Christian Bale's Batsuit...

...and a couple of his cowls.

All the Joker Goon masks from the epic opening bank robbery sequence in The Dark Knight.

And last but not least for today...Michael Keaton's Batman costume. He is pretty short.

Well, that's it for today's post. Stay Tuned for more from the 2014 San Diego Comic Con!