LEGO Plantmobile MOC

Taking cues from my past build: the Poison Ivy Man-Mower, I designed a new ride for my LEGO Poison Ivy this past weekend: The Plantmobile!

I picked up the plant-man minifigure specifically so he could act as a Poison Ivy goon. His scared facial expression isn't the best for the purposes of being Ivy's driver, but I haven't yet swapped it out for something more appropriate.

More Batmobile inspired than the Man-Mower, the Plantmobile even has leaf-wing fins...

...and a rotating plant after-burner! Good-doers beware!


Fisher-Price Adventure People Green Alien Astronaut

For the late seventies/early eighties action figure generation, Fisher-Price Adventure People were as ubiquitous as Star Wars action figures. They were everywhere, and most of us had a smattering of them from many different themes: campers, families, medical professionals, extreme sportsters, and of course, astronauts and aliens!

My cousin had a lot of the space stuff. I only had normal people like a kayaker, a dirt bike racer, and a deep sea diver, and probably a few others. The astronauts were cool, and the aliens were cooler, but sadly if you were expecting a Hammerhead or Bespin Luke and you got one of these under your tree at Christmastime you were probably disappointed. In retrospect, these guys are gorgeous and I wish I had more. But as of press time, I only have this green-skinned blue-haired astronaut which I found at the thrift store a couple weeks ago. Not sure if he's from a different planet, a dark dimension, or if he's just a normal astronaut who has been blasted by gamma rays.



Toxic Crusaders Major Disaster Action Figure

Geek confession time: I've never seen The Toxic Avenger. The karma associated with this sad fact may explain why any time I come across a Toxic Avenger action figure at the flea market, it's broken. Seriously, they are always missing an arm or a leg or something vital to my personal dictate to not buy broken toys. I'm fine if accessories are missing, but the last think I need are limbless action figures.

Anyways, although I have yet to add Toxie himself to my collection, I did find one of his cartoon cronies in good condition: Major Disaster. Having never seen the movie (or the Toxic Crusader cartoon for that matter) I had no idea who this guy was when I found him, but his mutie visage gave me a good enough clue that he was associated with the Toxic Crusader animated series. Turns out he's actually a good guy, and has plant-powers like Swamp Thing or Poison Ivy. Cool!

Major Disaster is a neon-nineties beauty. Playmates really nailed this line, and it's a shame these things don't pop up more often in my second-hand hunts. If nothing else, I really need Toxie himself now!


Random Toy Pic :: April O'Neil, 1992

'This is my best 'Al Bundy' pose. Well, it was this or my hand in my pants.'
This 1992 April O'Neil came my way via an after-garage-sale free pile. She lacks all her accessories but FREE APRIL! She's in great shape, and heretofore was not an April O'Neil in my modest April O'Neil collection (I have five Aprils now...this one as well as Bride of Frankenstein April, Nickelodeon April, Classic April, and 2007 TMNT movie April.

That's a lot of Aprils!