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LEGO Batman with Extended Wings Custom Minifigure

"I heard 'The Bat' got him."

 "The Bat!?! Aw man, gimmie a break willya?!"


I'm honestly surprised this hasn't been released in an official capacity. It would be easy for LEGO to do, and it would be a nice change of pace from the standard Batman minifigure that gets released with every set.

Oh well...I made my own!

I simply borrowed a pair of wing-arms from the Series 8 Vampire Bat (of which I have a handful because I just LOVE him!) and swapped them out for Batman's normal arms. It obviously only works for the black-suited Batman minifigure, but it's perfectly in tune with the Burton and Nolan representations of Batman, whose cape can be flapped open into wings. As opposed to the rigid bat wings/flight pack that came with the Catwoman Chase set, which is more in tune with The Brave and The Bold version of Batman.


LEGO Heroes United Update (Now With More Sharks!)

I've posted about my LEGO Lex Luthor Mech-Suit and Heroes United diorama before, but since then the Heroes' ranks have grown quite a bit.

That Lex doesn't go down easy!

In addition to some of the bootlegs I've recently acquired, some new additions to the official LEGO team (Spider-Man, Michaelangelo), and a couple customs I've made (Black Canary, Sandman, Zatanna, Scarlet Spider, Creature Commandos), last night I was able to add a Great White Shark and Sawfish to Aquaman's attack. I found them in an incomplete but well worth the price Shark Cage Cove LEGO set at the thrift store yesterday.

Bootlegs and customs have also fed my Villain minifigure ranks, so I decided it was about time the bad-guys mounted a counter-attack!

Red Hood and Harley Quinn are customs, and Red Hulk, The Dark Knight version of The Joker and Shredder are bootlegs. (More on Shredder in a future post.)

I have a lot more villains I can add to this one, but most of them are currently hanging out in other LEGO dioramas. It's tough to get these guys to cooperate. No wonder they always lose!

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