Poisunday Ivy

I've been considering adding a weekly Poison Ivy day to my ever popular Harley Qwednesdays and Catwoman Purrrsdays. Let's face it, we've already got the Blonde and the Brunette; it's about damn time the Redhead got her due!

Yikes, three femme fatales, each with her own day of the week. It's getting hot in here;  let's hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!

Welcome to Toyriffic's first Poisunday Ivy! Now a weekly feature!

Pic via Ivy Gotham Fatale (Evelyn Ellenor) on Facebook.


  1. Sundays just got a lot hotter lol.

  2. I'm MOCK! and I approve this message!

  3. ....and now I have a reason to get out of bed and scroll through Google Reader before noon on Sundays....