Harley Qwednesday :: Little Harley's Adventures at Megacon

Let me start this post with a warning: If you are a woman and you read this post, your ovaries will explode. If you are a man and you read this post you will grow ovaries and then they will explode. THIS LITTLE GIRL IS SO UTTERLY ADORABLE!

Okay, you've been warned. Continue at your own risk.

3 year old Floridian Kara Viciedo is a huge Harley Quinn fan, so for Halloween last year and Megacon Orlando this year she went as Harley Quinn. THE MOST ADORABLE HARLEY QUINN EVER that is.

Kara's mom Tracy sent me a link to her pictures wherein Kara...sorry...Harley Quinn meets with a veritable 'Who's Who' of Gotham City's finest, both friend and foe!

Tracy also sent along some info about Kara and her adventures, so I'll let her take it from here:

"Kara attended her first con last year in Orlando (Megacon) and dressed as Supergirl since she is named Kara. There was a Harley/Joker team there that fell in love with her and spent a lot of time playing with her. Since then she has LOVED Harley Quinn. She watches the cartoons and watches anything and everything on YouTube."

Here's Harley with Batgirl:

"When Halloween came around last year I asked her who she wanted to be. She said Harley Quinn. Since the costume didn't come in her size I tried to get her to be American Dream, Supergirl, Strawberry Shortcake, etc. but she was set on Harley Quinn. So her aunt and I designed and made a costume at home in about two weeks. It wasn't the best but it worked for Halloween and even won her 3rd place in the Florida Supercon Online Costume Contest with over 300 votes!"

Here's Harley with her pal Poison Ivy:

"I knew the costume wouldn't withstand 3 cons (Megacon, Florida Supercon, Wizard World plus Halloween this year) so I found a woman online who made adult Harley Costumes and asked her to make a miniature one for me."

Harley and Robin:

"Originally I had her just make the collar which I was having problems with but when I recieved it and saw how nice it was I couldn't pair it with my homemade outfit so I paid the money and had a minature one made by giving Holly Kara's exact measurements. Even traced her hands and feet to make sure the gloves and shoes were perfect."

Harley with...another Harley!

"Holly Messinger is the creator and designer of the costume. The two of us worked together through email to come up with the perfect design for a 3 year old Harley Quinn.

Holly's Etsy store is http://www.etsy.com/shop/hollymessinger 

This is her full time job and I even handed out her cards at Megacon to try to get her more business. She is amazing and the costume is PERFECT! 

Holly's Facebook page is Facebook.com/HollyMessingerCostumes "

And again with another Harley:

"The mallet wasn't ready for Halloween but my boyfriend made it from scratch with balsam wood and other supplies from Home Depot and then hand painted every detail of it himself. It is very light weight so she loves carrying it around." 

And again (side note: WOWZA that's a hot Harley right there!):

"She posed for over 300 pictures at Megacon with everyone asking to take her picture.
When someone would ask she would get out of her stroller, get her mallet, and then pose with her hand on her hip. When the flashes stopped she would ask me "Mommy we done?" If I said yes she would give her mallet to her brother and get back in her stroller. If I said no she would continue to pose until everyone got her picture."

Harley and Catwoman:

"I don't have any pictures of her with her hand on her hip b/c she started to do it later in the day when she got use to the "Paparazzi" as we called it. When she would pose she would get 15-30 people taking pictures at the same time.

She LOVED the attention and people couldn't believe it was her idea.... 
Needless to say 1 day at the con was not enough this year for me b/c I didn't get to see anything since we spent most of the day posing for pictures... lol (Have to go back to all 3 days next year like we did last year.) "

Harley and Harley compare hammers:

"She didn't win the kids costume contest sadly but did get the most applause and attention. She was the youngest contestant."

Joker, Harley and Harley!

"She does say "Hi, Mr. J" and "Hiya Puddin!" just like Harley but she is shy so it takes her some time.
She also carries around her Joker doll 24/7 and has been nagging me to get her a Harley doll too. So that is next on my list."

Harley posing by her adorable self:

"Her next Con is Florida Supercon in Miami June 29-July 2."

Harley and BATMAN!

"Some people might think this was all my idea but if they spend time with her they will realize her obsession."

Harley and Arkham City Harley:

"We took her to Disney (where she was Belle on Friday and Sleeping Beauty on Sunday) with Megacon being on Saturday. On Sunday morning I told her she was going to Magic Kingdom.."

Harley and Harleen:

"...Her reply to me was "But Mommy I want to be Harley Quinn at the Comiccon today!"
 lol The child would pick dressing up as Harley over Disney. Go figure."

Harley again posing by her adorable self:

"Since we got home on Monday every morning she asks me when she is going to be Harley and go to the Comiccon again... lol :)"

Ivy, Harley and Harley (this picture is too much awesome for me to bear!)

Wow, Kara sure is a super-fan of Harley Quinn! But who can blame her? Not me!

Harley, Harley and Penguin have defeated Nightwing and Batman!

Thanks again to Tracy for the pics and the info, and thanks of course to Kara for being so darned adorable!

Harley and Joker:

If you go to any Florida Comic Cons be on the lookout for Little Harley!

GAHHH more adorableness!!! - Rockabilly Harley shows Harley her jack-in-the-box!

And be sure to check out Holly Messinger on Facebook and Etsy. She did an AMAZING job on Kara's little Harley Quinn costume!

Harley by the mirror - TWICE THE ADORABLENESS!

We leave you now with one last shot of  the super-hot Harley and Little Harley:

Huge thanks again go out to Tracy for sending me these pictures and thanks so much to little Harley Quinn for being so awesome! Be sure to send us more pics when you go to future cons!

P.S. Tracy just sent over this video of Little Harley. Enjoy!


  1. Too cute! She looks like she is having a bit of fun with everyone. : )


  3. Thanks! She was having a blast and can't wait for her next con! :)

  4. Ha!! I Knew it, Batman and Robin had no way to win against little powerful Harley. She didn't need the help of Adult Harley nor the Penguin to show them who owns Gotham city now :D :D :D

  5. omg!!!! so adorable! I want a little girl as cute as her. I love Harley Quinn and she so pulled it off.