Lotsa Lego News: TMNT, Arkham Asylum, Harleen Quinzel, oh my!

While I was busy posting Halloween themed stuff last month, some new toy news came out of New York Comic Con.
First and most importantly, the Lego set that includes Harley Quinn's alter ego!

Wouldn't you know it, Dr. Harleen Quinzel is in the most expensive Batman themed Lego set yet. LAME LAME LAME!

Set 10937 Batman – Arkham Asylum Breakout is going to cost: $hitload.50 (about one-sixty American!) so I will probably need to sell some blood or a kidney. Preferably someone elses.

Also, Lego announced their TMNT Lego minifigures and sets! Of course I'm only ecstatic about the cute Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle minifigures themselves in this case...

So cute!
I definitely need a few (if not all) Turtle minifigures...

...especially Raphael...

...but I have a feeling they will be pretty well spread out throughout multiple price-point sets. So I think I'm ok in this case.

Does anyone have a kidney they aren't using?

Batman news via Fully Jointed Play Figures and TMNT news via FBTB.


  1. OMG I wonder if they will be doing blind packs for the turtles?!?

  2. Ok i will want a set of the 4 Turtles now in Lego form.

  3. 2013 will be even more expensive Lego wise for us...