In Space, No One Can Hear Their Dead Parents Scream

Which, I can only assume, is why Batman went there.

My recent post on the New 52 Justice League Target exclusive action figure set in the Brave and the Bold style got me thinking about that old line again, and I remembered I had yet to post about this very cool Astronaut Batman I have in my collection.

I got this Batman in a lot I bought off Brian at Cool and Collected months ago. Astro-Bat was originally part of a set that included a stupid non-canon alien creature (the set was called Batman vs. Alien :: Clash in the Cosmos) that I never had interest in, so I never bought it at retail. However I was always fond of this Batman variant. As I've said before, I have no problem with main character variants if they make sense from a story perspective, and Batman in a space suit makes plenty of sense for so many reasons I won't even waste time listing them.

The shiny blacks, subtle yellows and flat grey colors of this design are just perfect. No neon pink on this Batman! That bulky belt is great and it would have worked well on any Batman figure. It's also a neat bonus that Batman has a special space cowl instead of his head being a straight repaint.

Plus, he has a Bat-helmet! With this thing on he could almost pass as a robot Bat Drone of some sort. Or possibly a Bat HALO Paratrooper or something. The set originally included a few other accessories that I don't have, but not having them in no way detracts from this figure's coolness.

Having them might have.

All Batman needs is that sweet helmet and he's good to go...to SPAAAAAACCCCEEEEEE!!!!!!


  1. Wonderful and cool rendition of the Bat!

  2. I have both of the Writston "Alien vs. Batman"...
    Your "Cylon" is in the mail good Sir ...Sorry for the delay,...

    1. I've read those too, and...I think you have me mistaken for someone else regarding that Cylon ;)

    2. I am so sorry ... The Gold Cylon if for a collector who has wanted one since his childhood...

  3. Hell YES! Bought some of those single carded New 52 Justice League figures 2nite ;D