Mountain Batman & Ace by Imaginext

Back in 2014 Imaginext released one of their most ridiculous Batman variants to date. Batman on a mountainboard. He reminds me of the lugeing Batman from the finale episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. All he needs is a shark to jump.

'Mountain Batman' is packaged with the only Ace the Bathound yet released by Imaginext, and although it's a pretty 'off-model' Ace, it's Ace, so I wanted the set for Ace but didn't really want a skateboarding Batman. Therefore when I saw the set at retail one time, I passed. I regretted it, and never saw the set again until just last week, at which time I not only rejoiced at having an Imaginext Ace, but also though to myself 'what the hell was I thinking not wanting a skateboarding Batman?!?!?!'

Ace looks to be based off the grey Great Dane that was Ace in the Batman Beyond cartoon. I prefer a German Shepherd Ace but whatyagonnado? Sadly he doesn't stand on a flat surface with that paw up in the air like he just doesn't care. But he does have a cape, which is more than most Imaginext Robins can say!

"Tell me. Do you spelunk? You will."
This Mountain Batman is pretty ridiculous until you realize it could well be an armored Batman ala The Dark knight Returns/Batman v Superman, and then it becomes a pretty boss Batman indeed.

The Bat-Board is pretty righteous, and I only regret that Batman can't turn his head to see which way he's rolling. There are pegs so his feet stay securely planted which is a nice touch and in keeping with Imaginext's feet-activated doohickeys. He also comes with a pick-axe because he's spelunking.

This set has been pretty hard to find for Imaginext fans. As I said before, I only ever saw him one single time back in 2014. But perhaps me finding him last week at Wal-Mart bodes well and is proof he has been re-released. Good luck, because no one should be without a skateboarding Batman!


  1. I think I can live without skateboarding Batman, but I'm going to have a harder time existing without Ace the Bathound. However, Ace looks vaguely like Scooby Doo, whom I don't like. I feel like I'm the only person in the universe who doesn't like Scooby Doo. I'm totally ok with that.

    On the (further) complaints end, I still can't find the newer Batgirl of Burnside or Robin with a cape. Blergh.

  2. They don't call It "Imagine" xt for nuttin'.