Batting 1000

A few years before Mattel acquired the rights to the 66 Batmobile (heretofore referred to as The Dark Ages,) Danbury Mint sent out a pre-order flyer for a deluxe model of the iconic TV Batmobile. Fans were ecstatic, as it had been decades since the 66 Batmobile had been released as a model or toy. Plans fell through, lawyers made money, and the car was not released as originally solicited; instead a comic version of the sixties Batmobile was manufactured. Fans weren't ecstatic anymore.

A little later, Danbury Mint added another Batmobile to their roster, and this time it was (at least to me) a hit!

The first true "Batmobile" from the comic books, this 1940s 1:18 scale Batmobile is simply stunning.

Inside are Batman and Robin, sculpted in the classic Dick Sprang style, looking like they just hopped off the cover of a 1940s comic book.

The details are endless, Opening hood, removable fender skirts, opening doors, steering wheel that turns the front wheels etc. etc. In true Danbury Mint style they went all out on this one.

I have a lifelong dream to own a real 66 Batmobile. But I'm torn. A good customizer could easily turn an old Ford into one of these Batmobiles, and (other than some half-assed Beetle conversions) I have never seen an accurate 40's Batmobile in full scale.

Imagine THAT in your rear view mirror!

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  1. That is freaking sweet! I mean that thing looks so freaking cool! That thing is just loaded with details, wow!

    I didn't realize it had red stripes down the side. I should add those to the little Johnny Lightning one!