You don't mess around with (Gentleman) Jim

I've already posted about Target's clearance JLU packs; now it's time to tear them open and look at the goodies inside! My daughter got the set with Supergirl, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the set that includes a figure I've wanted ever since I heard he was being made in JLU style: Gentleman Ghost!

There was a time when no one ever expected to see the Gentleman Ghost as a toy. He didn't have a huge role in Justice League Unlimited, so his inclusion in the toyline was quite a pleasant surprise. Ironically now Mattel has a handful of versions of Gentleman Jim out there - this JLU version which has been out for a while, a (near impossible to find) DCUC version, Brave and the Bold mini versions in clear and white (and with a horse!) and a Brave and the Bold standard action figure version which is set for release any day now! Of course the Brave and the Bold versions make perfect sense due to the character's very well fleshed out (pun intended) role in that cartoon.

Being that this figure is from the JLU toyline, there is some big part re-use going on - the body is all Joker. I remember the early pictures showed Craddok holding a playing card, but fortunately they did not re-use Joker's right arm or else that would have been a little odd. The similarities between Joker and Gentleman Jim are easy enough to overlook though, since Joker's costume tends to lean towards classic chic side anyways, at least when you eliminate the purples and oranges.

What really makes GG outstanding is the highwayman coat and "floating" top hat and monocle. The figure is completely monotone except for some light blue on the monocle thread, the hat trim, and inside the coat. Combined with his hovering hat atop a headless body there's no doubt as to Jim Craddock's spectral origins.

Wooooo! Spooooky!


  1. GG was a great addition to my JLU villains. He was my favorite of the pack (Psycho-Pirate was cool too!). The only thing is that with the cape he tends to fall down. Does yours have this problem?

  2. Thanks jboy!

    Freak, I gave up long ago on thinking my JLU will stand unaided. Even if they do stand well, or with aid of a stand, their own weight tends to bend the thin ankle plastic and eventually the tumble over. If I display JLU I lean them against the wall lol!

  3. I'm still trying to find the DCUC version!

  4. I love him! And think about how much money Mattel saved on paint with this figure. ;)

    Mario, I'm hearing that the DCUC G.G. is virtually impossible to find for some reason. I've yet to see one as well. :(