Hi-Yo Silver, AWAAAAAY!

In honor of the first ever BMX events at the Beijing Summer Olympics, I'm revisiting one of my first ever ToyRiffic posts, and one of my oldest "toys," my 1978 Schwinn Mag Scrambler:

One of the first ever true BMX bikes, this 78 Schwinn Mag Scrambler is the Competition model, complete with Competition gooseneck and forks.

About six years ago I replaced the tires, the chain, the seat and pedals, added a repro Schwinn badge, and re-greased all the bearings. Otherwise "The Silver Bullet" as my cousin and I used to call him, is original to the day I got it on Christmas in 1980.

It never had a chain guard, and I don't know if the seat post or kickstand or grips are stock Schwinn, but they are what was on it when I got it. Sadly it had pads too, but those have long since gone missing.

This thing is a tank. I only replaced the seat for a cooler looking one, not because of damage or wear. The grips have held up amazingly well too. The only reason I even had to replace the pedals is because my dad actually backed into it once. It was his fault, he had moved it behind the car and forgot lol. The only thing damaged was one pedal, which I replaced with one I had laying around and rode it for about five years with mismatched pedals. When I gave the bike a "once over" six years ago I slapped some modern pedals on it.

I've gone over the handlebars my share of times, and "Bullet" has had his share of scrapes too, but I kept it inside, polished it on occasion, and always, ALWAYS, used the kickstand. That has been the secret to his longevity.

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