We Be Jamina

Godzilla style!

This here is an unlicensed "Godzilla" toy from Jamina World Corp.

On his foot it says "Your lovely pet from Jamina" and he is dated 1987 and was made in China.

I found him at a local thrift shop.

He is supposed to walk, and his arms and jaw are supposed to move. His eyes are also supposed to light up. Mine does none of these things. But he still looks cute.

I discovered through some net research that there were two versions of this Jamina dinosaur. One had pointy felt scales on his back and there is then this one with the Godzilla like plates.

They also don't seem to be too hard to come by, nor is it too expensive to get a working one on places like eBay.

It would be cool to see him operate properly, and I may someday try to get into his inner workings and see what I can do. Until then he'll just have to look ominous on my Godzilla shelf!

UPDATE: This post inspired me to draw Godzilla for my art blog - if you haven't been over there lately check it out, I've been adding a lot of new stuff!


  1. I have one of those that I bought in Las Vegas on my first honeymoon -- or I should say my first wife bought it for me! Mine still works... I think it was called "Tyrannosaurus Wrecks" or something like that. It was about $20 brand-new, I think.

    I may have to get mine off the shelf, turn it on, videotape it in action, and post the video to YouTube (as well as to the Random Acts of Geekery, of course)!

  2. The photos of the Godzilla toys are really amazing and interesting too. Thanks for sharing it here. well, I use to collect the Godzilla toys of all kinds such vinyl, plush,etc..