Lego Mini Figs Series Five

I've avoided the current blind bagged Lego mini-figure craze for the most part. None of the previous offerings were worth tracking down, squeezing blind bags, and returning home dissapointed that I got yet another (enter lamest figure in the collection here.)

But it looks like Series 5 may just get me to do exactly that. With a Gangster, a Clown (another potential Lego Harley Quinn goon!) a Cavewoman, a boxer and Sherlock freakin' Holmes,  I'm going to be all over these like teeth marks on old Lego pieces!

Seriously, if nothing else, I need that clown!

Thanks to The Brothers Brick for the info!


  1. Sherlock Holmes and The Viking Warrior looking guy would be on my list.

    I still want Frankenstein's Monster,Wolfman and Dracula from the other waves.

    Didn't they do a Witch too? I would take one of her as well. : )

  2. Oh these look awesome! I want so many of them, especially that Gladiator! And I still have yet to find any Musketeers from series 4! Argh!!!

  3. Oh crap... I'm so hooked on these. I got into these a little late, but I just scored a complete set of Series 1 for $20 at a toy show. I'm still missing most of Series 2, but my 3 and 4 are almost complete.

    Jboy, I have an extra Frankenstein and Wolfman, if you want them!

    I've managed to find one Musketeer after a lot of searching.

    I'll be devouring this wave, too.

  4. The cave woman is soooo worth it!