Won't Usagi, Even in Milk!

A few years back Playmates released this Usagi Yojimbo figure as part of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. I remember him being pretty hard to find, and I don't think I saw him on the shelves more than once or twice.

Usagi Yojimbo (which literally translates as "Rabbit Bodyguard,") is a Samurai rabbit who was created by Stan Sakai and first appeared in comic books before getting some exposure in the original and recent TMNT cartoons.

I've never read a Usagi Yojimbo comic and I don't recall seeing any of his appearances on TMNT, but there's just something irresistable about a Samurai Rabbit.

This figure is sculpted very closely to his comic book look, which is just awesome. He has such a great design and the character is a really fun concept.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your personal preferences,) Usagi Yojimbo has extremely limited articulation. He's pretty much stuck in one position due to the leg stance. You can turn his head and you can rotate his forearms, but that's about it.

He does have an "action feature" which is pretty cool - his waist turns and locks, and a button gives him a quick sword-slashing action.


"Deny me a bowl of Trix. I dare you."

Usagi Yojimbo came with four swords, two short and two long. They can be placed in a pair of sheaths attached to his belt, but if the swords are sheathed he can't do his action twist because the hilts block his momentum. Then again if his swords are sheathed his action twist is pointless anyways.

It would have been better is Usagi Yojimbo were sculpted in a more standardized pose, but I still think this figure is tops due to the excellent likeness of the character.


  1. That is a nice review. You are right, Playmate can really do some work in articulation. For presentation/ display then this figure do have what it takes.

  2. You need to read you some Usagi Yojimbo, That is hands down my favorite comic book.

    Also I was thinking of putting some of my Usagi stuff up, man I tell you great minds, greta minds...

  3. Thanks LEon. I agree, this figure is perfect as a display piece if nothing else.

    lol @ CB - the brother from another mother strikes again! I will definitely be putting Usagi Yojimbo comics on my short list now.

  4. I had that toy! Thanks for bringing back some memories!