Feel the Heat :: Firefly from The Dark Knight action figure collection

Here's another figure I received last Christmas: Firefly!

This Firefly figure is a brand new release and part of Mattel's Dark Knight movie line.

Although he didn't actually appear in the movie, I love the "inspired by" take on this guy and hope they do more "realistic" villains in the toyline. Part of the recent Bat-movie success is that they take a more real-world view on the characters, so it stands to reason that more realistic bat-universe figures like this one would be successful with fans and kids.

Also, it means less Bat-variants, and we've all had enough of those.


Of course Firefly comes with a rocket pack, so he can, umm, fly. Actually the full designation of this figure is "Rocket Pack Firefly." Kind of like when you put on pants, you're called "Pants McGee," because otherwise people would miss the obvious.

The wings pop out a small bit with a push of a button...


...and a little lever produces an equally little plastic "flame" from the turbine.


The figure does have a great design and some fun details. The helmet/mask are really cool, and he also has some sort of unknown apparatus attached to each boot. I assume these are for fire-making and other assorted villainy.

I like his color scheme too, which is more in keeping with the Firefly I know from The Batman the Animated Series and eighties/nineties comic appearances, and not anything like his recent appearance on The Batman cartoon or his first comic book appearance in the fifties...

...although that would make a fun figure, wouldn't it?

The only downside to the figure is that he is sorely missing a blow torch. I mean, he's FIREFLY for chrissakes! At least give him two sticks to rub together! Sheesh!

Here he is after borrowing Azrael's fire-missile launcher.


Thank goodness I have plenty of toy firetrucks nearby!


  1. I saw this guy once in stores before Christmas, but passed, I think it was because I thought it should have a flame thrower as well, at least a little lighter or something.It could have been that or I reached my before Christmas toy limit, LOL.

    How cool would a BTAS version be, maybe Matty Collector will make that one next!

  2. I still hold out hope for a BTAS version - with all they are doing at Matty Collector, it may someday be a reality!

  3. I just found this on Google. I am digging it. I would like to collect some bat villains.

    1. Yeah this guy is great, and you don't see this action figure around much (ever!) I'm glad I have him.