20: Electronic Batman LCD Game

Oh how far we've come!

Bigger than an iPhone and displaying as much processing power as your average toaster, this is the state-of-the-art (by 1989 standards) Batman handheld game by Tiger Electronics.

You start out battling goons on a rooftop and continue to...battle goons on a rooftop.

They come on strong, and barrel in stronger as the levels progress! You must shoot them with your batarangs and in later levels you get ninja stars and a spear gun...but the goons get stronger too, so beware!

At the end of each of four levels the Joker appears and you must defeat him while dodging grenades and poison gas. After four levels, you win - game over! Wheee!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you: Level One!


  1. Oh god, I used to have one of those for Beauty and the Beast. The last level (also the fourth one) was impossibly hard.

    I couldn't even tell when you hit the goons!

  2. Great post. Remind me very much of growing up with such portable game gadget.

  3. I had that game when i was a kid! I don't think it's crossed my mind since then! Wow...thanks for jogging my memory!