40: Tail Wagon

Station wagons are awesomeness. Muscle cars are awesomeness. If my math is correct, that means muscle car station wagons are awesomeness squared!

Continuing with our Hot Wheels 40th anniversary celebration (1969-2009) today's vehicle is the brand new for 2009 '70 Chevelle SS Wagon!

This Hot Wheel is simply gorgeous.

It has the perfect California rake and nice 5 spoke wheels. This one is sure to be popular, and hopefully it's released in many different colors. I will amass a whole fleet of them!

The details are really nice, with door handles, hood pins, and even auto parts molded to the interior in the back!

Great start Mattel - now if Hot Wheels will just heed my pleas and make a '71 Torino Country Squire like my old high school ride, I'll be in heaven!

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  1. I agree with your assessments 100%! Love this car, and Station Wagons in general. Check out this image of the '70 Chevelle SS Wagon:

    '70 Chevelle SS Wagon

    (I couldn't get it to display properly, so you'll have to click on the link.)