You think you hate it now, but wait till you drive it.

This IS your father's Oldsmobile.

One of the coolest Matchbox cars ever released has just hit the toy aisle pegs near me (and was as quickly swiped from the toy aisle...by me!)

Cast your Brady Bunch lovin' eyes on this new Matchbox 1971 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser!

No red blooded American can deny that tinge of nostalgia when they see an old station wagon go by. The long road trips where Dad refused to pull over unless HE had to pee, popping your head up in the back window and sticking your tongue out at the drivers behind you, and nights at the drive in movie megaplexes - the ones that showed Disney on the screen in front of you and the Exorcist on the one to the left (as if you couldn't see the horror or had self control enough to not look that way.)

This Vista Cruiser even has two dogs sticking their heads out the back (as well as a cooler and other camping accouterments molded in the back,) and even the outline for the bumper-step! Groovy.

The seventies-era lime green paint, top window, luggage rack and faux wood trim are all here. You can almost hear the v8 roar!

Go 100, dad! (As a kid I would yell that to my dad from the back seat all the time. He would always comply.)

I've been eagerly anticipating this Matchbox release since it was announced over a year ago. Although I would have prefered a 1971 Torino Country Squire (a woody I once owned) I am as happy as Bobby Brady when he saw his first booby (remember that episode?) to have my Matchbox Vista Cruiser.


  1. The two dogs at the back is a nice touch!

  2. E, I love the title of this post, one of my favorite lines from the movie, Eugene Levy is awesome... That car is all kinds of awesome as well!

    Your photos make me want to rush out and buy one, they should hire you. Are these hard to find?

  3. classic! Metallic Peat? No...Antartic Blue! I specifically ordered the antarctic blue super sportswagon with the CB and optional rally fun pack. Man, I think they used the Vista Cruiser in That '70s show! HELLO WISCONSIN!!!

  4. @LEon - they sure are, I love little touches like that!

    @CB - I did just read that this bright lime green was not intentional and the color has been "corrected" to a more accurate green/gold color in a new release, so this specific color may not last but the model itself is not a limited release.

    @Jay I didn't watch That 70s Show much but I think you may be right!

  5. Sweet!
    My friend's dad had a Vista Cruiser-like ride (with a smaller secondary windshield on the raised section of the roof and those awesome folding in the back deck.

    Those dogs rule (though up close they look like the "Martians" from Sesame Street)

    I like the new Matchbox wheel design. I miss the classic ,but those are nice. I just found a pile of 70's Matchboxes that someone was throwing out; score!.

  6. My best friend's parents had one of these back in the day. I'm thinking there's was probably white. But, yeah it was a cool car. My folks just had a Rambler station wagon. (Which was still cool with me, by the way!)