Kamen people now, smile on your Rider

The other day Bandai America sent out a tweet (that's Twitter speak for you Neanderthals) announcing a chance to win free toys if you RT'd them (more Twitter speak - get with the program people!)

I did so, and I won a free Kamen Rider deluxe figure, which arrived today!

Now to me, a child of the seventies and eighties, Kamen Rider means grasshopper headed dirt bike riders. But there's a new Kamen town, and apparently this dude is one of them.

The guy is pretty bland, but this is the unmasked character so what do you expect. According to the package his name is Kit. I'm sure he's a cool, no nonsense ladies man with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. I can tell because he wears a red shirt, black jeans and has that "I spent an hour on my hair to make it look like I just rolled out of bed" hair-do.

But he's irrelevant anyways because the coolest part of this set is Dragreder!

Dragreder is a robotic Asian style dragon and is very cool.

His head, waist and tail are jointed so his body twists a little like a snake.

He can also stand on his rear legs. He cannot, however, roll over or fetch. Yet.

So I'm a total Kamen Rider 2009 newb, and I don't know what robot dragons have to do with grasshopper headed dirt bike riders, but I know if I was ten I'd be all over this series like purple on Prince Adam.

Thanks Bandai for the cool free toy, and thanks Twitter for making me feel like a winner!


  1. Wow. I also, am a child of the 70s and 80s but have never heard of Kaman Riders.

    Maybe a locality thing? I used to watch "Force Five" on tv growing up but found out later it was a NorthEast thing.

  2. Congratz bro for winning Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight! The dude look like Luke skywalker. LOL Anyway can he transform to the kamen rider suit?