We built this Batmobile on Rock and Roll

A few weeks back my brother from another mother Charles aka Chunky B of Eclectorama fame sent me an awesome package full of toys, just out of the kindness of his Texas sized heart. I certainly owe CB a huge public "Thank you!" (and more) and I will eventually cover all the keen toys he sent me here on Toyriffic.

First up is this groovy C3 Construction Mini-Batmobile.

Cue announcer: "When last we left our intrepid duo, they had been encased in plastic by the troublesome Toyman!"

Anyways, I just got around to releasing our heroes, as well as the pieces of their Batmobile, which I quickly reconstituted.

Before Lego had the Batman license a few small and large Batman (and Superman) themed building sets were released in 2004 with figures and playsets/vehicles that were made up of Lego compatible blocks and components.

This mini Batmobile even has a rotating flame coming out the rear of the jet turbine. Neat!

Of course the stars of the sets were the figures themselves. Not sure if the building block playsets were phased out due to lack of consumer interest or because Lego lawyers got on the case, but Minimate figures are still going strong with licenses covering everyone from DC to Marvel to Ghostbusters to Battlestar Galactica to almost everyone in-between!

In addition to Batman (with expandable cape,) this set included a Tim Drake Robin, complete with his bo staff.

Also included is a Batarang for Batman. "Be careful out there, chum!"

Of course the figures fit nicely into the cockpit, but only one at a time (it is the MINI Batmobile after all!)

Last but not least, the set includes a suction cup with a piece of string connected to it for high flyin' adventure!

Thanks again CB! I owe you big time!!!


  1. It was a combination of consumer & retailer disinterest that did in C3.

  2. This is one of my favorite sets because of the Tim Drake Robin, I thought you would dig it as well. I had al but a couple of the C3 sets, the last few were hard to find, so I never completed the set.

    You Welcome again, what are Buds for.

  3. This set is quite cool too bad C3 did not make a go of it i would of loved to of seen more DC comics sets from these guys.