Big Green Army Men

I found two super sized green Army men at my magical thrift store recently for something like thirty cents each. They're about 5" tall, and exactly like your regular little green Army men, but with a little more detail.

This guy is rushing into battle, ready to blow some commie bastard off the face of the Earth.

Get a good look at that face! He reminds me a little of Cotton from King of the Hill. "I'm comin' to getcha, Tojo!"

This second recruit is ready to burn some Ratzi scum with a flame thrower; either that or he is getting' to ROCK!

This guy is really digging his Kraut cookout. Get a load of that hair-cut. Pretty hip, daddy-o!

These guys have a lot of detail. The running-man has his grenade always at the ready!

And the cook has napalm filled tanks strapped to his back.

Sadly these guys are missing a load of accessories they would have originally come with, as well as one of their "Battling Buddies."

I found this picture on the internet. These guys were originally made by MPC in the sixties, and came with rifles, backpacks, helmets etc. Wish I had all that stuff, but I'm pretty sure I can someday find similar stuff to improvise with. In the meantime these guys are pretty cool characters to have in my crazy toy collection.


  1. I remember having cowboy and Red Indian toys for this size with red or yellow plastic colors in my childhood.

  2. Yes Yes Leon...I remember those Red Indians in my childhood!

  3. Had something like these as kid but they were from Disney...And in different colors and i think a short while later i had those Cowboy and Indian ones too.