Blue Monday

Guess who!

It's blue!

About a month ago Darius Whiteplume of Adventures in Nerdliness held an online scavenger hunt. The prize? His original Sears Cantina Playset exclusive Blue Snaggletooth! I'll cut to the chase real quick and point out the obvious...I WON!

It wasn't an easy scavenger hunt, a big component of it felt like the challenge was reading Darius' mind to figure out what he was looking for. But the chance to win a Blue Snaggletooth, one of the holy grails of original Kenner Star Wars figures, was impossible to pass up.

Or was it?

Unbelievably, only two people even entered the contest; myself and Reis of Geek Orthodox. Sadly for Reis, he lost. Even sadder, he lost to me. Because I've been sure to remind him on several occasions.

Like now ;)

The Blue Snaggletooth was released immediately following the movie, and is terribly off-model. Yes, even moreso than all the other Kenner figures that immediately followed the release of Star Wars. Therefore this Snaggletooth never saw release outside the initial Sears exclusive Cantina set release. For a toy series that has seen about 438 different releases of even the most obscure background character in the last 30 years, that is no small feat and makes this guy a rather tough find. In fact, until now I had never seen one in person before. That too is no small feat, as I am obsessed with toys to the point of it being a bona-fide affliction.

My "main stream" Snaggletooth has appeared on Toyriffic once before but is currently stored away. I'll have to dig him out for the side-to-side reunion soon. But as you can see, Blue Snaggletooth is unnaturally tall for an...um...Snaggletooth.

He is also shod. By Ace Frehley*

I can't thank Darius enough for this epic add to my collection. Rest assured, good sir Whiteplume, he is in good hands.

"Hi Reis!"

*thanks Brian A. for the spell-check!


  1. It's Ace "Frehley." If you had the Kiss dolly, you'd know that. ;)

    Great win!! That's an awesome prize. It would be hard for me to part with that.

    I had this guy when I was a kid. I ordered him from Sears in a two-pack with Greedo. Boy, was I mad when the regular release figure came out and was different than mine. Dirty pool on Kenner's part. I had no idea he'd be worth so much later.

  2. I'd only kiss a Batman dolly, Brian ;)

  3. Hey congrats on figure Bubba. : )

  4. Congrats! You seems like happier not because you win the prize but the joy of winning somebody. LOL

  5. Congrats! That's really cool. I would love to have a blue Snaggletooth in my collection. I can't believe he gave such an awesome collectible up.

  6. It is fun to share the love, and the wife appreciates any attempt to thin out my shelf porn. :-D

    I thought it was time to let Snaggy move on. Since I have fallen so out of love with Star Wars, I felt it best that he had a home that would better appreciate him. I find it odd that I was able to keep him for so long... I never planned to try selling him.

    BTW: the bottoms of his feet are painted because one of the mommies in the neighborhood would paint her brat's figs with nail polish. If it wasn't already painted, she'd paint them and say they were her kids. Geez.

  7. I hate you. >:(

    I'm kidding, of course. ;) Congrats, Bubbashelby! But expect my "revenge post" on Geek Orthodox any day now. You have been warned!

  8. COngrats Bubba!

    And "revenge post" sounds lke a lot of fun!

  9. Space Ace boots...HA! I remember one of my good friends as a kid had both Snaggletooths and at the time I had no idea why there were two versions but of course as years went by people's obsessions over action figures...particularly Star Wars..brought all the little mysteries to the surface.

  10. Wow! Congratulations. That's just fantastic. Great addition to your collection.

    And I think Darius Whiteplume deserves some serious Toy Karma for putting together the scavenger hunt in the first place!