Livin' After Mid-Nite...

...Rockin' in the dark!

I love the JSA and the Golden Age of comic book superheroes that spawned the legendary team. One of the greatest of that rag tag group of colorfully clad crime stoppers is Doctor Mid-Nite.

Decades before Marvel's blind superhero began cavorting around rooftops in silly colored underwear, Dr. Charles McNider lost his sight in a blast meant for one of his patients. He later discovered that although blind in normal light, he had perfect vision in absolute darkness! Taking on the persona of Doctor Mid-Nite (because that's what you do when you discover you have a strange ability, right?) McNider soon joined the ranks of the Justice Society of America along with his "black-out bombs" and trusty owl friend Hooty!

"Give a hoot, don't pollute...the halls of justice!"

Hooty rests on Mid-Nite's forearm nicely and even has neck articulation, so he can spin his head all the way around just like a real owl!

"Who turned on the lights?"

As poorly distributed as DC Universe figures are and as difficult as Mattel makes it to get these toys to me, one of my collector's goals is to get all the core members of the JSA in the DC Universe Classics style. I've missed out on Dr. Fate and Wildcat so far but was lucky enough to grab Doctor Mid-Nite and Spectre (more on him later) on the same trip.

Unfortunately for my stress levels, Green "Alan Scott" Lantern and Hourman are part of an upcoming Walmart exclusive wave, so I am going to have to be creative to track them down!

Good thing I have a cadre of collector friends...kind of like the JSA!


  1. I think its so cool they included Hooty with the good Doctor Mid-Nite.

  2. He was always one of my favorite, most underrated, characters. Love that moody top photo!