It's not easy being...

...green JLArmy men!

Tom of Freak Studios came though for me big time when he told me he had come across one of my biggest "wants" from Argentina - a handful of little plastic DC Superheroes!

I don't know the full story behind these guys, but I have seen them occasionally pop up online (often credited to toy manufacturer Gulliver and coming out of Argentina) and have always longed for some of my own. I've always loved the cheap charm of monochrome mini plastic figurines, and when those monochrome mini plastic figurines are fashioned after DC Superheroes I'm doubly in love!

So when I asked Tom if he'd seen any in his toy hunting travels and he showed me these, I just about flipped!

My personal favorite is of course Batman. Bats is looking regal in green, and although he looks like he suffered a broken nose in a scuffle with villainy, he's in great shape.

Next up is Superman, also in green. These guys are all set for the JLA St. Pat's party! Supes is in beautiful condition and I love how their symbols are embossed and their costume components and face sculpts are very well done. God I wish I could go down to the drug store and buy a bag of these guys for a buck. I'd install one of those ball-pit type things like at Chuck E. Cheese and fill it with thousands of these guys and swim in it daily like Uncle Scrooge...ahem...sorry.

Next up is Batgirl in pretty pretty yellow. Batgirl is a little rougher and the sculpt is less clean - she may be a later cast as the tool began to wear down.

Here's Flash one, we'll call him Barry. Barry is supposed to have wings on his ears and boots but only has one boot wing left. He has some other casting issues too but that's okay because he's still epically cool!

Flash two, we'll call him Wally, is a lighter green matching Batman and Superman and Daiquiri Ice ice cream from Baskin-Robbins! He also has only one boot wing. He outran the others.

Orange Robin aka Dickie is the cleanest casting of all. He's in great shape and must be one of the earliest figures here. He's flawless and clean and beautiful, just like a youthful ward should be.

Red Robin aka Jason is pretty rough. Probably a very late casting. I'd call a 1-900 number to put him out of his misery if DC asked me to. Red Robin is also completely void of his name on the base. All the other figures have their name cast into their base, but Robin here does not, and it isn't because it wore off the figure, it just isn't there. Maybe another clue as to where he falls in the history of these guy' manufacture.

"Dang! You look like you've been beat by a crowbar and left for dead, Jason! Maybe you should put a hood over your head. While you do that, I'll be Batman."

"Here we go round the mulberry bush!"

These guys are all unbelievably awesome! I need to go buy a bag of army men so I can have Batman and Superman and Flash and even Batgirl and Robin swing in and save the day!

I can't believe Tom was able to track them down for me so quickly and effortlessly. I'm beginning to think Argentina is the ultimate destination for a toy lover. Come to think of it, they probably have topless beaches too.

I'm booking my flight now, Tom; I hope you have a big couch!


  1. Man how cool are those? Congrats!

  2. Very cool, even if Jason does look like a Dawn of the Dead extra.

  3. E those are really, really cool, congrates.

  4. Very cool... like mini versions of the old Marx single-color Marvel figures that were about 5 or 6 inches tall.

  5. These really are very cool. I think this might be one of my favorite posts that you've done. I love the color transition.