The best things in life are free

And I submit as proof this Arco Other World two headed dragon 'Gaifand.'

I found this guy at the swap meet yesterday in a pile of non toy, totally unrelated stuff. I immediately knew what he was, and the 'Arco' and '1982' on his belly confirmed it. Wow! Other World stuff doesn't pop up all the time, especially in good condition. I of course had to have him. When I asked how much the guy said 'free.' Aw yeah!

Other World was an early eighties fantasy toy series of cheapish bendy toys, many of whom came with glow in the dark weapons. I had a few (namely the epic Froggacuda - BTW if anyone wants to trade this Gaifand for their Froggacuda I'd be willing to talk!) and I thought they were awesome!

Gaifand is supposed to have a saddle, but mine is missing. He's still a beautiful example with little play wear and all his bendy parts still bendable.

And the price was right, too!


  1. yes, i'm also a fan of free things, specialy comics, food and of course, toys.

  2. Awesome! Bubba i need to come and hang out with you at the swap meets you always find the best stuff there buddy. : )

  3. I was looking up these toys from this line and i remember having a few of these as a kid now.

  4. So weird you posted about Other World...I was going to do a post about this next week. I will still do it and reference yours!

  5. My little brother used to have this dragon and the saddle and most of the major characters. I picked up the blonde hero guy and some Jips a couple years back myself. Haven't thought about them since until you posted this very memorable two-headed dragon. What memories it dredges up!