Cute Invisible Woman

No, I'm not talking about my love life (haw haw haw) I am talking about this Super Hero Squad Invisible Woman:

These Super Hero Squad figures are pretty cute, and Sue Storm is pretty cute, so it stands to reason this little Invisible Woman is extra pretty cute!

She is designed to be in the early stage of turning invisible (or the late stage of turning visible,) and therefore her feet are clear plastic. Not sure if she's completely cast in clear plastic and painted over - but if so it might be fun to strip her (of her paint, pervs!) and have an all clear Invisible Woman!

I found Sue at the swap meet and bought her with a pile of some other super hero stuff my daughter was getting for herself. After I paid I asked my daughter if she wanted Ms. Storm and she said 'no, you can keep her.' So Sue is mine.

I'm not that big into Marvel or Super Hero Squad for that matter, so Sue may forever be separated from her other 3 teammates. But I'm sure she'll be fine, I already saw her making eyes at Batman.


  1. Sweet! Looks to me like she's made of clear plastic & painted, but proceed with caution. i love that your daughter drags you around the swap meet... now THAT is cute, yer lucky

  2. I like these Super Hero Squad figures i have been eye balling a Captain America/Red Skull two pack i saw at Wal-Mart but i will have to wait until after Christmas before i can make anymore toy purchases per orders of my wife lol.

  3. I agree jboy, I too have been tempted by that Cap/Red Skull set, as well as the BuckyCap on a motorcycle set. But so far I have had the strength to avoid all but Ghost Rider on his motorcycle and of course this Invisible Woman.

  4. Ghost Rider on his cycle! I have not seen that one i must add that one to my list too. Did you post any pictures of it yet?

  5. I would have pick her up too. she is the coolest among the fantastic 4.