Starcrossed Hawkgirl

This Hawkgirl belongs to my daughter. I bought her the set when I found it on discount at Ross a couple months ago. It's a great set and included Hro Talak and a couple more of his Hawkworld cronies, as well as Batman I think. They're all in my daughter's superhero toy bag.

Two of my daughters first superhero toys were the original Justice League animated Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl which I gave her when she was less than 2, so getting this set for her was pretty neat for me even though her superhero collection has grown exponentially since then.

The Hawks have a pretty convoluted history. I know the original Golden Age concept, and I read Hawkworld in the nineties, and now Hawkman has been on Smallville and of course the Thanagarian version of Hawkgirl was prominent on the Justice League cartoon. I gotta admit, it's pretty tough trying to explain the Earth Hawks and the Thanagar Hawks to an eight year old - one of the many challenges to parenting in the modern world!


  1. Bubba you are passing the love of toys along to your kids and that is fantastic and maybe someday we will be reading daughter's blog on how her dad got her started on collecting toys. : )

  2. I will gladly hand over the reigns of Toyriffic to the next generation when they are ready ;)