I arrived home today to find on my doorstep one of the coolest MOTU Classics figures yet. Buzz-Off!

I did not have the original as a kid. Which I always felt was sort of ironic, because although I am known far and wide as 'Bubba' today, at the time I was known by all and sundry as 'Buzz.' My cousin had him though, so maybe I was content with that because we usually combined our collections for massive playtime adventures. I have of course since rectified my lack of an original Buzz-Off (who can be seen in this ridiculous video I made a couple years ago.)

But I digress.

This is the brand new MOUTC Buzz-Off, the most recent mattycollector.com sold-out-almost-immediately offering. And he is everything MOTUC can and should be.

the head/face sculpt is exactly the way Buzz-Off should look in the minds of anyone who played with the original as a kid. As is the rest of the figure for that matter.

Buzz-Off even comes with his cool bee-like aviation helmet!

Bug-eye sunglasses are in this year.

The only real difference from the original, which is a nice addition in my opinion, are an extra set of insect legs on his back ala the 200x version of Buzz-Off. A nice new detail that punches up his buggy factor without being obtrusive or off model.

Buzz-Off comes with an axe weapon like his original counterpart and a large axe staff like his 200x counterpart (not shown.) The wings and extra 'legs' are ball and hinged so they can move in all directions. A very nice touch!

Buzz-Off is truly one of the best MOTUCs to date. His design works perfectly with the updated aesthetic while maintaining all the best of the original Eternian 'Heroic Spy In The Sky.'

Now Buzz-Off!


  1. Oh yeah- i like the extra legs! He came out after I got a drumset & kinda forgot about toys...

  2. You lucky Duck Bubba congrats buddy. : )

  3. Interesting. He looks like a Baseball Fury