Boba First

First Boba Fett, meet first Boba Fett.

This is the original Boba Fett (marked 1979) action figure and the concept Boba Fett (marked 2006) action figure. Together again for the first time.

Concept Boba Fett is all white, like the original costume test shots, pre Empire Strikes Back.

Concept Boba Fett came with a flame projectile that attaches to his left wrist as well as a gun that fits into a holster on his right hip.

concept Boba Fett also comes with an extra head that represents one of the early helmet concept drawings, before they settled on the Boba Fett helmet we all know and love today. In addition, Boba Fett is sporting a hidden gun in a panel that flips down from his stomach, which I did not take a picture of because it is a pain to get it to flip down when you don't have long fingernails. My weekly mani-pedi once again gets in the way of my toy shots, but that's the price you pay for Metrosexual beauty. (That was all a joke, by the way.)

And what can be said about the original Boba Fett action figure that hasn't been said a million times? Everyone wanted him, his rocket didn't launch, he was awesome and mysterious yadda yadda.



  1. oh yeah, i like that McQuarrie Boba- i wondered if they were originally thinking of him as "leader of the stormtroopers", or if he was the stormtrooper prototype, all in white like that...?? Awesome action figure!

  2. That flip-down gun sounds like Sexmachine's Groin Gun from From Dusk Til Dawn!

  3. Concept Boba Fett is one of my favorite figures, he's really cool.

  4. That Boba is pretty cool looking and looking at this has me thinking i need to get over to my buddy Scott's and take a few snap shots of his Star Wars collection to share with everyone.

  5. There must have been a Stormtrooper connection, SDTB.

    Haha that's true, Lok, I hadn't thought of that connection!

    He is one of the best, Mario!

    Good idea jboy, go do it now!

  6. wow...nobody commented on that badass backdrop the Bobas have going on!