What the...?

This post is in no way an advertisement or paid post or anything like that - in fact I have blanked out the below ad's sponsor name and clicking it will not link to anything but the image embiggened to full size - this is merely a huge WTF moment that needed recording.

I spotted this ad in one of my email accounts and at first gave it no notice, as I tend to do with online ads. But this is one of those ads that incorporates an annoying animated motion to get you to notice it, much like a kid who wants a candybar or to show you a new trick - in this case the girl jumps up and down in a crappily animated marionette-ish fashion. Lame, and I almost ignored it completely, but then I got a glimpse of her gloves.

Yes gloves. Why would a college grad wear yellow gloves...with scallops?!?!

This ad clearly represents Barbara Gordon as Batgirl!

The tights, the boots, the gloves, the red hair and glasses, and yes, even the book (Babs is a librarian you know.)

So my first reaction was "How weird is that" and my second reaction was "Cool, Batgirl! Swoon!" And then "I think I should blog about this" and finally "I should go back to college, I wonder if there are any grants available and if so, where would I go to find out?"

Crazy place, that internet!


  1. Ha! That's superbly cheap.

    I love it!

  2. Yeah, I have noticed that ad for the past few weeks now. I had to do a double take the first time I saw her due to the gloves and the long red hair.

  3. Maybe you could get Batgirl for a study partner too Bubba but if you did i don't think you would get much studying done lol. : D