Galaxy Warriors by Sungold

I hit the swap meet pretty late in the day today. The weather is absolutely beautiful but I had other things to do in the morning, and only decided to hit the swap meet on a lark. Most vendors were packing up and rolling out, so I consider myself pretty lucky to have found this guy for a dollar:

This is the Galaxy Warrior 'Dino Man' (or is it Dinoman? Or Dino-Man, maybe? It could even be 'The DinoMan!' for all I know...)

He is marked "Sungold" and "Made in Hong Kong" on his back, and I immediately recognized him as a Masters of the Universe knock-off or also-ran from the early eighties. I had to do some quick internet based research when I got home to find out he came from the toyline Galaxy Warriors and that his name is Dino Man (or is it DinoMan? Or possibly...oh nevermind.)

Upon closer inspection, I think maybe his name should be Damno Ugly Man! Sheesh, this guy has a face only a blind mother could avoid punching, and that's only because she'd miss. Get it? Because she's blind and...oh nevermind!

I do already have one other Galaxy Warrior in my collection; a bearded viking/dwarfish looking gent named Huk.

One more interesting thing about these fellows is that each of these guys, while looking almost identical below the neck, are in fact made up of entirely different sculpts. You can tell in the picture by looking at the boots and wrist guards, but even the torsos are different (Dino Man has his maker marks on his back, while Huk has his on the back of his right leg.)

Both of these guys have loose legs, but I can get them to stand with little effort. Wow, all different sculpts and the ability to stand even with loose limbs? Why didn't Sungold survive and Mattel become the 'also-ran?'

There's an alternate universe where Sungold Classics figures are being sold to nostalgic alternate universe toy collectors through the alternate universe online store at SungoldCollector.com. The only question is, are they bitching about poor quality control too?

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  1. Ugly but a cool figure Bubba congrats on the find. : )

  2. That is an ugly piece of plastic! I love it!

  3. Huk is a first gen Galaxy warrior, Dino man is later gen, that why they are different. Sungold survive all the way to the 90s with their last release:Galaxy warrior End of time last battle.