Harley Qwednesday :: Help Me, Obeewahn Kenobi? You're a real Dope!

I spotted these pictures on Facebook the other day and just HAD to share them with my Harley Qwednesday readers. I contacted the photographer Paul Aitken and got his permission to do so (I try to be a good internetter like that) and he was more than happy to allow me to show them here! Yay!

George Lucas take note: Forget 3-D and Jar-Jar and 'Han shot...eventually" - what your movies REALLY need is more Harley Quinn!

"Hmmm, I don't remembah evah owning a droid before...?"

"..but if I did, this one is the right colors for the job! MUAH!"

"That put a smile on his face!"

Thanks to:
Photo Credit: Paul Aitken
Droid courtesy Artoo Builders Australia
and last but never least, Elise Archer as Harley Quinn

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  1. I hope this droid don't shoot laughing gas.