My Submission for "Best Toy EVER!"

 This past weekend was my daughter's birthday. While shopping for her last week I discovered these "Scooby Doo Goo Figure Pod" toys at Toys R Us. These are small pods of slime with a Scooby Doo mini-figure blindly packed inside.

So knowing my daughter likes slime and Scooby Doo, I picked one up to pack into a present.

It was a hit! I quickly ran to Toys R Us to get more of them to give to her sister and cousins (and of course myself) so we could all share in the fun.

And oh boy, what fun!

First off: slime. Which is always awesome forever end of story.

Second, these little Scooby Doo figurines are incredibly cool! I and my nephew got a monster, my daughters and niece got versions of Scooby, everyone was happy.

Mine is this zombie guy from the classic cartoon. I'm pretty sure he's just old man Jenkins in a mask, but whatever, zombies are in this season so I am pleased.
 *EDIT: This guy is actually "The Creeper" aka Mr. Karswell.


Yes folks, that comedy gold you just heard was made with the slime and container it comes in (and my hand of course.)

Sufficed to say there was a lot of those noises and the laughter that ensued all weekend. The kids even had fart contests, competing to win 'loudest,' 'longest' and the coveted 'juiciest' of all fart noises.

Comedy GOLD I tells ya!

So for a mere $3.99 you get three toys in one! Slime, a mini-figure, and a fart maker! It's a hat trick!

How any other toy maker can compete with their 'toys that only do one thing' in these troubled economic times is beyond me.


  1. sound fun. How does the package look like? What about the maker? Hasbro?

  2. And they're blind buys, I assume?

  3. I want one too. I'm going to Toys R Us today! lol The Sexy Armpit LOVES slime!

  4. I saw these at TRU last weekend, but I didn't realize that a figure came inside! Jinkies!

    I just thought they were slime refills for some playset or something. I gotta go back!

  5. Leon, you can sort of see the package in the background of the top pic and the video. Just a small diamond shaped container. The containers come in purple and green and I should mention the slime is the opposite color of the containers (so a purple container will have green slime and vise versa.)

    Lok - yes, blind packs.

    Go Jay, go!

    Gotta stay sharp, Reis!

  6. Ooooh, I will have to look for that. I am really surprised I have avoided Scooby Doo toys. I found something similar with the Fizz 'n Find toys the other day on clearance. I will post that one of these days.

  7. Am just glad to see Slime is still in fashion lol. Great stuff Bubba. : )

  8. I was going to do a post on these... you beat me to it. I was at TRU looking for a Stretch Scooby (another awesome throwback toy from the same company... just like Stretch Armstrong) and came across these Goo Pods. I bought one for me and one for my son. I was hoping the goo was just like the vintage Slime from my childhood... and IT WAS! Feels, looks, and smells exactly the same. Sounds stupid but it was such a nostalgic rush smelling this stuff.

    So, I went back and bought a few more pods to open at a later date... back up slime.

  9. Great minds, Brian ;)

    I am SO tempted by that stretchy Scooby myself! I just may pick it up myself soon.

  10. I would definitely recommend the Stretch Scooby. It's a fun thing to have around the studio when you are thinking through a problem or just getting rid of nervous energy. It stretches and feels just like my brother's old Stretch Monster. Same heft, same stretch, same gooey red corn syrup inside (I ruined one already... What? They didn't have grown men in mind when they made these?!).

    LEon, these Scooby Doo toys are from a UK toymaker called Character Ltd.

  11. Not to obsess but here's a quick Goo trick to make it more like the vintage slime. There's only one gripe I have with the Goo in the new Scooby Doo Goo pods... the goo is the consistency of vintage Mattel Slime after it's been played with for a couple of weeks and slightly dried out.

    What I did to bring the Goo to the runny consistency of Slime is add water just a little at a time to the goo inside the pod. It seems like it won't mix in but just stir it around and "churn" it to work the water in the best you can. Then let it sit for ten minutes or so.. then add a little more water and work it in, etc. By doing this, I've increased the amount of goo/slime to 6 ounces (the amount that came in a can of vintage Mattel Slime). When finished, the slime should almost completely fill the pod to the top and will be a more runny consistency. Slime should be pourable but still retain its ability to hold together.

    Hope this helps anyone that wants to make the Goo more like the Slime we remember.