Toys Quote Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen's most recent antics are the stuff of Hollywood legend. The words of wisdom he has spewed forth like so many awesome rockets of awesomeness from his awesome face have been nothing short of, well, awesome.

So inspirational, so soulful, so inspirational. Did I mention how inspirational his words have been? I'm inspired to be half as awesome as Charlie Sheen, which is still ten times ten times more awesome than you!

But since this is a toy blog, I decided the best way to share these inspiring words of inspiration was to match Sheen's words with some of my toy pictures.

But why am I rambling - my lowly words are mere gnats on the windshield of Charlie's F-18 as it breaks the sound barrier; with your face...

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  1. These are so much better with the toy pictures! Good pairings on all of them!

  2. Strange that it takes pictures of toys to make his utterings make sense.

    There had to be some way it would make sense, I guess.

  3. Charlie Sheen is both everything I hate in life, and everything I aspire to be.