That's when a bike was a bike...

...and crusin was cruisin!

I've posted about my '78 Schwinn Mag Scrambler before. My first bike, I still own and ride (and spin out, on occasion) to this day.

I recently stumbled onto this original Schwinn Scrambler ad somewhere online. When I got my bike secondhand in 1980 it had been stripped for racing, so it had no decals or chainguard or reflectors, and it had a reinforced custom seatpost. What I hadn't realized until I saw this ad was that my handlebars are different too. I'd have to see an original set in person to be sure, but I think mine were just reinforced (and chromed) and not full custom, but I could be wrong.

Anyways, here's to tank-strong Chicago steel and holding together for another 30+ years of hauling ass down streets and dirt tracks alike. If I was ever forced to whittle my possessions down to one single item, it'd be my Silver Bullet. I love my bike!

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  1. can't believe you STILL HAVE IT- i miss my chrome Huffy