New Monster High Classmates coming soon

My daughter is a huge fan of Monster High dollies.

Chances are, so are you.

Don't try to deny it!

Anyways, here are a couple upcoming releases and SDCC sneak peeks that look like fun for boys and girls of all ages:

Toralei the Werecat.

Abbey Bominable, the Yeti.

Spectra Vondergeist, the ghost.

I think Abbey and Spectra may be hitting stores now. Not sure about Toralei's status. 

There were also a few prototype dolls shown at SDCC 2011. Not sure if these are upcoming or set for release or if the line will be failed by Mattel fail before they get here, but here's a glimpse...EDIT: Thanks to Rouise for letting me know there was a vote at SDCC and online for the next Monster High doll to be released in 2012, and Scarah Screams won! I'm sure the others will make their way to shelves sometime later.

Scarah Screams, daughter of the Banshee. This one is a must have for me. There, I said it!

Daughter of Arachne. Cool.

Headless Headmistress BloodGood. Wednesday Addams' headless doll trend finally takes off!

I'm sure my daughter will want Toralei but I think Scarah Screams is the coolest of the bunch!


  1. Very cute. I don't have any little girls but I like these since it something (horror movies) that you don't usually associate with little girl toys.

  2. I hate to admit it ..but I do collect the Monster high dolls because they look good with my old Medicom 12 inch figures.Im watching the shelves for Spectra and this is the first time Iv seen those last few pics you posted..good stuf

  3. those ARE cool, and when I've seen some around town in the last few weeks I thought of you & the kid :)

  4. There is/was a poll on their website to choose which of the last three should be the new doll and so far Sarah Screams is the most popular vote.

  5. Am digging the Headmistress dollie with removable head just cool.

  6. I have a few of these, very cool looking. I like them more than Living Dead Dolls which are ridiculously pricey on eBay. Can't wait for Sarah Screams. The guy versions they released so far are kinda lame.

  7. can somebody just tell me Already WHEN THEY ARE COMING OUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    JEEZ thats all i want to know!!!!!!!!

    1. I saw the Werecat, Operetta and the Daughter of the Mummy at Target last Friday. Sadly my daughter was with me so I couldn't get them for her upcoming birthday; when I went back they were not surprisingly sold out.