Here there be Dragonman!

I modified my Lego Mini-Figure series five 'Lizard Man' ever so slightly...

I didn't particularly like the look of this figure with the 'eyes' peeking out from the mouth. I know the gimmick is that he's a guy in a costume, but I didn't want to display this guy in that manner. So I replaced the mini-figure head with a solid black one.

I also gave him some medieval weaponry. It's about time someone evened the playing field for poor oppressed dragons everywhere.

Now I just have your average run of the mill Dragonman, not a guy in a cheap Halloween suit! But either way, this guy is one of the gems of series five. If you are squeezing the packages to find these guys, he's easy to determine if you feel for his tail and the jagged scales on it and his 'head.'

Good luck!


  1. It's a Draconian! Awesome. I was having the very same idea, but decided to focus my energy on evil dwarves instead. Good to see someone did it!